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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Thursday, November 8, 2018

8:15AM Registration and refreshments
9:00AM IJGlobal’s welcome address and market analysis

To open the conference, a senior member of our editorial team will provide a detailed analysis of the Brazilian energy and infrastructure finance market, based on IJGlobal’s exclusive data to frame and contextualise the following discussions.

Juliana Ennes, Americas Senior Reporter, IJGlobal
9:20AM The next steps in the immediate aftermath of Brazil’s elections: Should we feel optimistic or conservative about the Brazilian project finance market for the next 4 years?
  • Based on the results, what are the implications for the market and how do the key stakeholders in Brazil plan to respond?
  • Can the new administration continue the progress made since 2016, particularly with regards to energy development?
  • Analysing the need for private investment in Brazil to facilitate growth, and how this aligns with the new administration’s priorities
  • Is Brazil a more or less stable investment prospect post-election?
Moderator: Sergio Guimaraes de Mello Brandão, Director of Energy, Actis
Gabriel Lopez, Chief Financial Officer, Arteris
Rodrigo Pedroso, Chief Executive Officer, Pacto Energia
Thiago Sendelbach, Project Finance Director, BNP Paribas
Fernando Miguel Castro Faría, Deal Advisory, South America Head Of Infrastructure, KPMG
10:10AM Day 1 Keynote address: How will BNDES continue to support the market and encourage new players to join the financing table?
Guilherme Martins, Department Head of Debt Capital Markets, BNDES
10:40AM Morning networking and refreshments break
11:30AM How important is it to increase legitimate competition between lenders in Brazil, and will this lead to more diverse financing options for sponsors?
  • Lenders and their financing strategies: How do the market’s key stakeholders view the development of financing in Brazil now and in the future?
  • Assessing the scope to expand the role of commercial banks to take on the risks of more long term financing
  • What can be done to expedite the journey to financial close on projects in Brazil?
  • Unveiling new financing solutions: How might green bonds offer an enticing source of alterative finance, and what opportunities could these offer for sponsors?
Moderator: Juliana Ennes, Americas Senior Reporter, IJGlobal
Victor M Muñoz, Operating Partner, Latin America, Denham Capital
Benjamin Guérini, Regional Head, South America, Proparco
Edson Ogawa, Managing Director, Head of Project Finance, Banco Santander Brasil
Gaétan Quintard, Project Finance Director, BNP Paribas
12:20PM The Brazil Value for Risk report

IJGlobal has partnered with Management & Excellence to produce an in depth analysis on the Brazilian Infrastructure market. The Value for Risk methodology used for the country report implements sophisticated and accurate risk analytics to calculate and balance the real risk / return of infrastructure projects. In this session, the conclusions of the report will be unveiled!

Dr. William Cox, CEO, Management & Excellence
12:45PM Networking Lunch
2:00PM Case Study: CELSE Porto de Sergipe I CCGT Power Plant

Key participants involved in this deal will outline the journey to financial close, including some of the key challenges and learns they took from the experience. This deal is of great importance, as the first private LNG regasification plant in the country. The innovative financing structure is also of particular interest, with the capital markets playing a key role supporting the project through the construction phase, as well as being independent of BNDES involvement. 

Moderator: Tobias Stirnberg, Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy
Moderator: Dan Bartfeld, Partner, Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy
Andrew Dete, Vice President, Project Finance, Goldman Sachs
Marina Queiroz Galvão, Investment Officer, Portfolio Management, IDB Invest
Renata Norato, Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Miriam Signor, Partner, Stocche Forbes
2:50PM As debentures and the capital markets become increasingly mainstream, how do we look to improve and maximise this pivotal source of finance?
  • Is their scope to expand the purchasing pool of those buying debentures?
  • Are we likely to see the capital markets start to take on more construction risk, such as the CELSE Porto de Sergipe project?
  • To what extent are the capital markets deep enough to absorb the needs of the Brazilian energy and infrastructure sectors?
  • Assessing the benefits and drawbacks of infrastructure bonds and the capital markets as alternative sources of financing for sponsors
  • Scrutinising the role of debt funds in Brazil: Could they play more of a role in direct lending, as in other Latin American countries?
Moderator: Eduardo Tobias, Director, CELA Clean Energy Latin America
Eduardo Klepacz, Department Head of Debt Capital Markets, GTIS Partners
Gustavo Fava, Associate Partner, Project Finance, BTG Pactual
Carla Ferreira, Vice President Investment Banking, Banco Bradesco BBI S.A.
3:35PM Afternoon networking and refreshments break
4:15PM Battling currency mismatch in Brazil: Assessing the current solutions available and identifying the developments needed to attract foreign investment
  • Exploring the most effective instruments in place to tackle currency risk
  • To what extent do foreign players view Brazil as a desirable investment opportunity?
  • How committed is the public sector to adjusting legalisation and regulation to mitigate risk of currency mismatch? Could BNDES play a role to alleviate the risks of currency volatility?
  • Who are the new players looking to enter the Brazilian market, and what conditions have changed to entice them to look to the country now?
Moderator: Francisco Diez Quiralte, Head Of Business Development, LATAM, Energy Group, Canadian Solar
Vinicius Nishioka, Deputy Chief Finance Officer, Xingu Rio Transmissora de Energia (State Grid)
David Perl, Director, Infrastructure & Timber, Alberta Investment Management Corporation
Guilherme Alice, Head of Specialized Finance, SMBC
Leandro Ferezini, Deputy Head of Global Markets Corporate Sales Brazil, BNP Paribas
5:00PM Close of Day 1, followed by networking drinks reception

Day 2: Friday, November 9, 2018

8:45AM Morning refreshments
9:15AM The strategic direction of BNDES and BNB’s market participation: Taking a step forward or taking a step back from Brazilian project finance?
  • How are BNDES and BNB communicating their role to the market? Does this align with the perceptions of the rest of the industry?
  • Is the market deep enough to absorb the vacuum that could be left by BNDES, as their financing comes more in line with market rate? 
  • Examining the impact of BNB’s increased role in project finance, and the sustainability of BNB increased market participation
  • Is there scope for other regional development banks in Brazil to follow in the footsteps of BNB?
Moderator: Juliana Ennes, Americas Senior Reporter, IJGlobal
Carla Primavera, Superintendent Of Electric Energy, BNDES
Sérgio Brito Clark, Corporate Business and Operations Structuring Manager, BNB
10:00AM Keynote address: Encouraging UK investment in Brazilian Energy and Infrastructure
Bob Philipson, Head of Trade, Department for International Trade, UK
10:20AM How can ECA and multilateral financing add the most value to Brazilian projects, and why are these institutions now taking such an interest in the country?
  • ECAs and Multilaterals: Examining their crucial and growing role in Brazilian energy and infrastructure finance
  • Exploring the importance of educating ECAs who are new to the market about the complexities and nuances of the Brazilian market
  • Are their lessons to be learnt from their operations in other countries, and how they can be applied to Brazil?
  • How does Brazil compare to the rest of Latin America from a multilateral perspective on capital deployment?
Moderator: Monica Busch, Senior Regional Manager, Brazil & Southern Cone, Export Development Canada
Maria Luqueze, Country Head For Brazil, UK Export Finance
Renata Norato, Investment Officer, International Finance Corporation (IFC)
Fernando Branger, Energy Projects Senior Executive, CAF
11:05AM Morning networking and refreshments break
11:45AM Consolidating the market: Should we expect to see Brazilian M&A activity continue with the same vigour for the foreseeable future?
  • Oil and gas has been the main focus of M&A, but are we set to see renewables grow in the space now that these projects are starting to mature and more data becomes available?
  • A closer look at the increase of M&A activity in Brazil and the exciting implications for buyers and sellers alike
  • Assessing the best strategies for M&A financing in Brazil, particularly given that BNDES does not offer an incentivised line of credit for such deals
  • Where are the biggest opportunities for those looking to grow, and which players should we expect to see as the most active in the secondary market?
Moderator: Eduardo Farhat, Founding Partner, InfraVestor Capital
Aurelio Oliveira, Chief Financial Officer, Enel Brasil
Rubens Benevides, Investment Officer, Trius Capital
Clarissa Sadock, Chief Financial Officer, AES Tietê S/A
Mauro Battisti, Managing Director, Equity Advisory, BNP Paribas
12:30PM Petrobras’s dual approach to its partnership and divestment plan: Specialising in asset classes and broadening knowledge for future development
  • Outlining Petrobras’ strategy and highlighting the subsequent opportunities for the wider market
  • Adjusting the bidding process to account for transparency and encourage competition
  • A closer look at the journey to financial close for the NTS pipeline acquisition
  • How realistic of a scenario is it for Petrobras to be privatised?
Anelise Quintao Lara, Executive Manager, Petrobras
1:00PM Networking Lunch
2:15PM Brazilian renewables: Why are the current market conditions proving so attractive for project sponsors to invest in renewable assets and development?
  • Highlighting the importance of gas to power development to help support the country’s energy transition to renewables
  • How aggressive is bidding in Brazilian renewables auctions, and should the government take more of an active role to prevent this?
  • A closer look at the potential benefits of increasingly privatising and liberalising the Brazilian energy market
Moderator: Ricardo Barros, Country Manager, Solairedirect ENGIE Brazil
Edgard Corrochano, Chief Executive Officer, Echoenergia
Camila Ramos, Founder & Managing Director, CELA Clean Energy Latin America
Amilcar Guerreiro, Director Of Electric Energy Studies, EPE
Silvana Bianco, Head Of Energy, Transportation & Logistics South America, ABN AMRO
3:00PM Addressing the challenges of upgrading Brazil’s transmission network to facilitate the country’s high levels of energy generation development
  • Is there need to create a more distributed transmission networks across Brazil?
  • How feasible is it to smoothly make the transition to incorporate the high levels of newly built generation projects into the grid?
  • What are the wider implications for the market, with Eletrobras selling off its transmission assets?
  • Opportunities for financiers with BNDES taking a step back from transmission, offering less incentivised financing options
Moderator: Ricardo Brandao Silva, General Council, Eletrobras
Edson Silva, Chief Strategy & Regulation Officer, ENGIE Brasil
Thiago Lopes da Silva, Treasury Finance Manager, ISA CTEEP - Companhia de Transmissão de Energia Elétrica Paulista
3:45PM Close of conference