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Agenda Overview

Day One: Tuesday 9th September 2014

08:00   Registration & Coffee 08:45   Chairman’s opening remarks
  1. Randy Chafetz, Executive Officer, Global Corporate and Investment Banking, MUFG

09:00   Global economic overview: The must have knowledge for the global export finance market in 2015
  • Analysing supply and demand dynamics for key global exports: How will global economic conditions drive exports and export finance
  • Is the export finance product counter-cyclical and if so is usage declining?
  • The growing importance of exports in supporting and driving European and global economies
  1. Antonio Espasa , Chief Economist, Santander
09:30   Keynote interview:
  1. David Godfrey, Chief Executive and Executive Committee Member, UK Export Finance
  2. Gabriel Buck, Chair, BBA Exdayport Finance Committee
09:45   Keynote interview:
  1. Interviewer : Simon Jack, Financial Journalist and Broadcaster
  2. Dr. Andreas Klasen, Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers AG WPG, Head of Export Credit Guarantees (Euler Hermes)  & Vice President, Berne Union
10.15   The Annual Global Heads of Export Finance Panel: Swimming or drowning in a pool of liquidity?
  • Is increasing liquidity in the market driving prices to unsustainably low levels?
  • Will the ECB asset quality review lead to EU banks needing to recapitalise and if so will we see further deleveraging or a scramble to attract more capital?
  • How can banks broaden and evolve the product to offer more than just risk mitigation?
  • Understanding banks’ strategies towards export finance: Tenors, sectors, geographies, funding and distribution
  1. Moderator : Simon Jack, Financial Journalist and Broadcaster
  2. Peter Luketa, Global Head of Export Credit and Global Specialised Finance, HSBC
  3. Jonathan Joseph-Horne , Head of Export and Agency Finance, EMEA , Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  4. Yasser Henda, Global Head of Export Finance, BNP Paribas
  5. Rodney Ballard, Head of Export & Agency Group, Mizuho
  6. André Gazal, Global Head of Export Finance, Credit Agricole CIB
  7. Octaviano Couttolenc, Global Head of Export Finance, Banco Santander
  8. Valentino Gallo, Global Head of Export and Agency Finance, Citi
  9. Frédéric Surdon, Global Head of Export Finance, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking
  10. Stefan Boehlich, Head of Structured Trade & Export Finance, Commerzbank
11.15   Morning refreshments & networking break 12:00   Executing the most ambitious corporate ECA financing programme in history: Lessons learnt from the Reliance Industries multi-ECA financing
  • Understanding the unique challenges associated with involving 12 ECAs in a single financing programme
  • How RIL worked with ECAs and banks to structure facilities that efficiently allowed them to finance a large number of small contracts with SME exporters 
  • Replicating the RIL model: how other large corporations can replicate RIL's ECA financing model
  • What ECAs and banks need to do to encourage more large corporations like RIL to use of ECA financing
  1. Moderator: Manav Futnani, Director - Project & Export Finance, HSBC
  2. Vineyesh Sawhney, General Manager, Finance, Reliance Industries
    General Manager, Finance,
  3. Dr. Hendrik Holdefleiss, Head of Division Underwriting & Risk Management, Export Credit Guarantees, Euler Hermes
  4. Hiroki Sekine , Director, Division2, Corporate Finance Department, Industry Finance Group, JBIC
  5. John Dewar , Partner, Milbank
12:45   African mega projects: The story so far in getting deals done in Africa
  • Financing the infrastructure evolution in Africa: Some success but still so many deals to be done
  • Co-lenders and risk sharers: Development banks and multilaterals are still a must in African deals
  • Are exporters willing to take equity in projects in order to facilitate the bidding process for a project?
  • Hot markets: Angola, Tanzania and Mozambique
  1. Moderator : Agnes Tauty-Giraldi, Managing Director, Head of Structured Export Finance – Trade, Europe and Africa, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking
  2. Richard Hodder, Managing Director, Europe & Sub-Saharan Africa, Export Credit and Global Specialised Finance, HSBC
  3. Christopher Millward, Senior Underwriter, Operations Group, MIGA
  4. Mauricio Toledano, CEO, Eurofinsa
  5. Nuria Gorog, Senior VP & Regional Manager Continental Europe, Credit & Political Risk, Zurich
  6. Ron Hansen, Managing Director, Structured Export Finance, ING Commercial Banking
13:30   Lunch 15:00   Exporters’ perspectives: The financing priorities of global exporters
  • Understanding the financing and growth strategies of large global exporters: Where does the ECA product fit in?
  • Which regions and sectors are exporters looking at for growth and are the ECAs there to support them?
  • How has a large influx of liquidity in the market affected the exporters, can they afford to shop around for the best deal?
  • Is the export credit product still a valuable sales tool for exporters?
  1. Moderator : Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Limited
  2. Fernando Artaza, International Finance Director, Abengoa
  3. Christina Christenson, Director, Trade Finance, Volvo
  4. Vyacheslav Ivanov , Chief Financial Officer, Rosatom Overseas
  5. Thomas Rebsamen, Head of Project & Export Finance, Alstom
  6. Alejandra Hidalgo, Head Export Finance, ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd
  7. Guto Davies, Managing Director, Sales & Project Finance, GE Capital Ltd
  8. Marianna Scaltriti, Financial Risks Analysis, Trade, Project and Export Finance, Saipem
  9. Jonathan Joseph-Horne, Export & Agency Finance, Global Trade Finance Department
15:45   Destination unknown: The outlook for export finance deals in the aviation sector
  • With traditional export finance levels at a 5 year low, what are the predicted levels and geographies of demand for aircraft financing over the next 5-10 years?
  • Loans vs. bonds: Analysing the benefits of using ECA backed bonds for aircraft deals and how they have performed so fa
  • What more can banks and ECAs offer to aircraft manufacturers to increase the use of export finance in aircraft deals?
  1. Moderator: Gordon Welsh , Head of Aviation, UK Export Finance
  2. Marcelo Santiago , Managing Director, Global Head Sales Finance, Embraer S.A.
  3. James Cruse , Senior Vice President, Policy and Planning, Export-Import Bank of the United States
  4. Marcus Plumley , Director, Project and Export Finance, HSBC
  5. Antony Wells , Director, Structured Finance, Aerospace, Bombardier

16:30   Afternoon refreshments & networking break 17:00   Industry Leaders’ Oxford Style Debate

  “This house believes there is no longer a level playing field in ECA Finance”


Eric Prideaux , Editor, Trade Finance



Marko Gucijan , Head of Capital Financing, Global Banking and Markets, HSBC

Xavier Laurent , Director and Deputy Head of State Guarantees Directorate, COFACE


Kai Preugschat , Secretary General, Berne Union

Susanne With , Senior Advisor, Corporate Communications, EKN

17:45   Assessing the capacity and role of Asian banks and ECAs:  What is the role of export finance in supporting growth both in Asia and globally?
  • What makes the Asian export and agency finance market distinct from other regions?
  • Are export finance techniques developing in line with shifts in the market?
  • How are the Asian ECAs developing their products?
  • What facilities are banks providing in different Asian countries?
  1. Moderator : Hirofumi Sakioka, Director, Deputy Head of ECA Finance, MUFG
  2. Taro Kato, Senior Representative in Paris, JBIC
  3. Kazuyoshi Kawakami, Managing Director, Mitsubishi Corporation Finance PLC
  4. Atsushi Matsuda, Director & Head of Structured Export and Trade Finance Japan, Commerzbank AG
  5. Takao Yagi, Senior Vice President, Export & Agency Group, Global Trade Finance Division EMEA, Mizuho 
18:30   Chairman’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception

Day Two: Wednesday 10th September 2014

08:30   Registration and Coffee 09:00   Chairman’s opening remarks:  Eric Prideaux , Editor, Trade Finance 09:15   The Annual Global ECAs Panel: Understanding the particularities and specificities of global ECAs
  • Where are ECAs being pushed by their respective governments? How are mandates from governments shaping ECA strategies politically and economically?
  • Will we see more partnerships by ECAs, fronting ECAs taking full coverage with syndicate indemnities to other ECAs?
  • Are ECAs working towards larger solutions to facilitate direct lending?
  • What is the best model for an ECA?
  • How far does government protectionism push the ECAs in denying support for exports and projects?
  • Rebalancing techniques for overexposure to sectors and geographies
  1. Moderator : Olwyn Buldhoo, Executive Director, Head of ECA Finance, MUFG
  2. Maëlia Dufour, Head of International Department, Coface State Guarantees Directorate
  3. Ali Sherwani, Head of Business Development, UK Export Finance
  4. Olav Einar Rygg, EVP Director of Lending, Shipping & Offshore, Eksportkreditt Norge AS
  5. Taro Kato, Senior Representative in Paris, JBIC
  6. Beatriz Reguero, Chief Operating Officer, State Account Business, CESCE
  7. Karin Apelman, Director General, EKN
  8. Vinco David, Head of International Relations, Development & Marketing, Atradius Dutch State Business
  9. Dr. Hendrik Holdefleiss, Head of Division Underwriting & Risk Management, Export Credit Guarantees, Euler Hermes
  10. Claudia Slacik, Chief Banking Officer and Senior Vice President, Export Finance, Export-Import Bank of the United States
  11. Satoru Koyama, Chief Representative EMEA, NEXI

10:15   The new wave: Understanding the objectives and strategies of emerging ECAs
  • What capabilities do EXIAR, SBCE, India Exim and KUKE have and what risk are they willing to take?
  • How are these emerging ECAs set up, how do exporters and banks access them and do they have direct government honouring guarantees?
  • In what regions, sectors and deals can they add value? Is the borrower risk sometimes actually better than the ECA risk?
  1. Moderator : Thomas Berkes, Head of Structured Trade and Export Finance, Santander
  2. Ravindranath Menon, Chief General Manager - Legal Group, Export-Import Bank of India
  3. Alexey Tyupanov, Member of the Management Board - Managing Director of customer relations and International development, EXIAR
  4. Guilherme Laux, General Coordinator‎ - Export Credit Insurance, Secretary of International Affairs, Ministry of Finance Brazil
  5. Aleksandra Hanzel, Vice President of the Board, KUKE

11:00   Regulation compliance in export finance: Understanding solutions to developing regulations in export finance

  • Understanding the evolving regulatory landscape
  • Trade based money laundering: integrating technological solutions to comply with TBML regulations
  • No longer ‘one size fits all’: Are different approaches being adopted for different markets when it comes to KYC practice
  • How will new regulations affect corporates?
  1. Moderator: Kai Preugschat, Secretary General, Berne Union
  2. Ralph Lerch, Chair of Export Credit Working Group, European Banking Federation 
  3. Henry Balani , Head of Innovation, Reed Business Information
11:45   Morning refreshments & networking break 12:15   Financing shipping and oil services: Drill ships, dry bulk and specialist vessels
  • What new developments are we seeing in the sector?
  • The crucial role of ECAs in transactions
  • Increasing activity in the sector from non-European ECAs
  1. Moderator : Jean Philippe Poirier, Head, Export Finance, Shipping and Telecom, BNP Paribas
  2. Guido Fieret, Manager, Treasury and Export Finance, IHC Merwede
  3. Jean-Philippe Neau, Head of Project and Structured Finance, STX Europe

12:45   Mexico, Indonesia, Nigeria and Turkey: How do exporters, banks and ECAs view opportunities in MINT countries?
  • Analysing the potential growth prospects of exports to the MINT countries
  • Sector and industry spotlight: Where do the real growth opportunities lay?
  • Should Turkey be considered more “Fragile 5” than MINT?
  1. Moderator : Sabine Vigneron, Senior Director, Trade & Export Finance Germany & Switzerland, Global Trade Finance Division EMEA Frankfurt Desk, Mizuho
  2. Elizabeth Stephens, Head of Credit & Political Risk Analysis, JLT
  3. Tayo Omidijim, Head, Strategic Planning, Nigerian Export-Import Bank
  4. Rudolf Putz, Deputy Director Financial Institutions, Head Trade Facilitation Programme, EBRD
  5. Philipp Rossberg, Director and COO, Federal Export Credit Guarantee Division, PwC
13:30   Lunch 14:45   Is the ECA product fit for purpose from the borrowers’ perspective?
  • Establishing the key motives, priorities and needs of borrowers
  • OECD borrowers vs. emerging market borrowers: How do their priorities and concerns differ?
  • Are borrowers consistently seeking the cheapest prices or does the product and structure matter?
  1. Moderator: Marko Gucijan , Head of Capital Financing, Global Banking and Markets, HSBC
  2. Victor Valencia , Assistant Vice President of Treasury, University of Miami
  3. Roman Schickel , Treasury Relationship Manager, Corporate Finance & Treasury , Holcim Group Services Ltd
  4. Craig Jones , Director, Project & Export Finance, Europe & America, ANZ

15:30   Using export finance mechanisms as risk mitigation tools and liquidity providers in project finance deals
  • Using export finance to increase bank participation in large projects from the pre-construction phase
  • How important will ECA wrapped project bonds be in bringing additional liquidity? What has been the project bond experience so far?
  • Can ECA finance deliver sufficient tenors while also raising the risk profile of projects? 
  • What role can ECAs play in mitigating technology risk for a project?
  1. Moderator: Kerstin Gedung , Senior Director, Head of Structured Finance , SEK,
  2. Laurent Valentin , Managing Director, Sales & Project Finance, GE
  3. José Carlos Cuevas de Miguel , Regional Treasurer Europe, ALSTOM
  4. Íñigo Imedio-Serrano , Head of Export Finance Spain, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking
  5. Rajeev Kannan , General Manager, Project & Export Finance Department, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  6. Daniel Lundgren , Director, Global Commercial Sales & Swedish Export Finance, Siemens Energy

16:15   Challenges and opportunities in financing exporters below the top tier
  • How can SMEs access ECA finance? How can the ECAs make SME business profitable and sustainable?
  • How can banks and ECAs work together to offer SMEs working capital solutions?
  • SME exporting success stories: How have SMEs accessed finance and were the pricing, tenor and product fit for purpose?
  1. Stephen Wilhelm, Regional Vice President, Europe, Middle-East, Africa International Business Development, EDC
  2. Matthias  Wietbrock , Managing Director, Northstar
16:45   Chairman’s closing remarks followed by close of conference