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Agenda Overview

Day One: Thursday September 11th, 2014

8.30am Morning refreshments & registration 9.20am Chairperson’s opening remarks 
  1. Thomas Hollahan, Managing Director, Transportation, Global Banking, Citi
9.30am Airline CFO Interview: Azul the first regional LCC to establish a long haul operation
  • How will Azul’s sudden move to long haul services shake the Brazilian market?
  • Business strategy, new routes and fleet requirements: How will Azul cope with the gigantic leap to long haul operations?
  • Funding sources and strategies
  1. John Rodgerson, Chief Financial Officer, Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras
  2. Interviewer:  Michael Linenberg, Airline Equity Research, Deutsche Bank Securities
10.00am Airline Keynote: LATAM Airlines Group’s fleet renewal continues

  • 2014-15 fleet overhaul and funding strategies
  • How is the airline minimizing balance sheet exposure to a weak BRL?
  • Synergy goals and fleet overhaul progression
  1. Andres del Valle, Corporate Finance Director , LATAM Airlines Group
10.30am Morning refreshments & networking 11.30am On Stage Interview: Has competition reached new levels amongst Mexican carriers?

  • Is there overcapacity in the Mexican market?
  • How does Volaris maintain its competitive edge?
  • Business and financial strategies
  • What are the consolidation alternatives in the Mexican market?
  1. Fernando Suarez, Chief Financial Officer, Volaris Group
  2. Interviewer: Walter Valarezo, Managing Director – Americas, AWAS
12.00pm World Cup aftermath and the future of Brazilian commercial aviation

  • What does the future hold for Brazilian commercial aviation?
  • What opportunities are being created in Brazil and Latin America?
  1. Simon Newitt, Vice President, Latin America, Commercial Aviation, EMBRAER
12.30pm Lunch sponsored by EMBRAER 2.30pm Airline Keynote: Avianca-Taca’s strength lies in growth markets

  • Bolstering Avianca’s brand in growth markets such as Peru and Colombia
  • Funding sources, financial strategies and fleet plans
  • How will Avianca absorb recent capacity increase without hurting its profits?
  1. Diana Calixto Hernández, Vice-president of Corporate Financing and Fleet , AVIANCA-TACA
3.00pm What is the investment attractiveness of engines?
  • What values do engines provide operators and investors?
  • How can new developments drive maintenance costs down?
  • How do leap engines help meeting operational and financial needs?
  1. Bill Brown, General Manager, CFM Marketing, GE
3.30pm Afternoon refreshments & networking 4.00pm How big is the engine lease market in Latin America?

  • How fast is the engine lease segment growing in Latin America?
  • How does leasing an engine compare with leasing an aircraft?
  • Who finances engine leases?
  1. Richard Hough, Executive Vice President, Engine Lease Finance Corporation
4.30pm Enhancing the leasing market in Latin America: Should a Latin American lessor be created?

  • Are lessees getting the benefits of cheap financing?
  • Does it ever make sense to go short term on a lease?
  • How can lessors sweeten deals?
  • Should a Latin American lessor be created?
  • What impact would a Latin American lessor have on the world and Brazilian leasing markets?
  1. Jorge Castillo, Vice President, Marketing, ACG
  2. Paul Geaney, Head of the Americas, Avolon
  3. Gilberto Peralta, Head of Latin America, GECAS
  4. John Burtz, Senior Vice President, Airlines Marketing Americas, SMBC
  5. Alfredo B. Sarria, Vice President, Sales and Marketing – Latin America & Caribbean, Jackson Square Aviation
  6. Moderator: Walter Valarezo, Managing Director – Americas, AWAS
5.30pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception

Day Two: Friday September 12th, 2014

9.00am Morning refreshments & networking 9.20am Chairperson’s opening remarks
  1. Regina Lynch, Partner, Motta Fernandes Rocha Advogados
9.30am Airline CFO Keynote: What is behind recent Gol´s numbers?
  • Strategic drivers
  • Network and international alliances
  • Weathering currency and fuel costs
  • What is the outlook for 2015?
  1. Edmar Prado Lopes Neto, Chief Financial and Investor Relations Officer, Gol Linhas Aéreas Inteligentes
10.00am The Manufacturers’ Debates: Bidding for the Latin American Market
  • In this popular and lively debate, aircraft manufacturers will in turn engage in a formal contest of argumentation in which each speaker will defend their position or attack a given proposition.
  1. Patrick Baudis, ‎Vice President Marketing - Latin America & Caribbean, Airbus
  2. Kostya Zolotusky, Managing Director, Capital Markets Development, Boeing
  3. Mario Formica, Vice President Marketing, ATR
  4. Philippe Poutissou, Vice President, Marketing and Communications, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft
  5. Moderator: Simon Finn, Senior Vice President, Aviation Research, DVB Bank SE
11.00am Morning refreshments & networking 11.30am Country risk analysis: What is the impact of political risk on aircraft financing in Latin America?

  • Regional risk analysis per country
  • How is political instability in Venezuela and Argentina impacting airline credits?
  • Is there a case for more Latin American countries to ratify the Cape Town convention?
  • Currency devaluation analysis
  1. Marc Bourgade, Managing Director, Natixis
12.00 Who are the new fund providers in Latin America?

  • Who are the latest aviation finance market entrants in Latin America?
  • Who are the most active fund providers and what opportunities can they offer Latin American airlines?
  • What support can ECAs offer in Latin America?
  • EETCs: Plenty of buyers but too few issuers?
  1. Olivier Trauchessec, Managing Director, BNP Paribas
  2. Marcio Migon, Head of Aircraft financing, BNDES
  3. Thomas Hollahan, Managing Director, Transportation, Global Banking, Citi
  4. Rafael Kuhn, Vice President, Aviation Capital Markets , Deutsche Bank Securities
  5. Yoichi Hirotani, Head of Americas and Asia, Global Aviation, Development Bank of Japan
  6. Eelco van de Stadt, Head of Americas, DVB Bank SE
  7. Alex Kitchen, Manager, Aerospace, UK Export Finance
  8. Moderator: Regina Lynch, Partner, Motta Fernandes Rocha Advogados
12.00pm 10 Year Anniversary Keynote: Jose Maluf reviews a decade of Latin American Aviation

  • Comparing apples and pears: Latin American airlines 10 years ago vs today
  • M&A landscape and competition 10 years ago vs today
  • Ten lessons learnt from the past decade
  1. Jose Maluf, Vice President, Fleet and Engines, LATAM Airlines Group
1.30pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by lunch and close of conference