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Agenda Overview


Wednesday September 21st 

6.00pm Icebreaker Cocktail Reception at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel sponsored by ING

Day One: Thursday September 22nd

8.15am Registration and coffee

9.00am Chairperson’s opening remarks

9.15am Economic and political changes in Latin America: What we need we look out for in 2017

  • A look at key market trends globally and in Latin America
  • Are we stuck in another commodity cycle or are conditions likely to improve?
  • Where are deals likely to come from next?
  • How are low commodity prices affecting deal structures, repayments, new issuances and refinancing?

9.45am Banks’ views into deal structures, pricing and tenors: Is the syndications process evolving or are we moving towards a market dominated by club deals?

  • Is there a role are syndications playing in club deals?
  • How do banks view requests of loans with bond-like covenants?
  • What impact will increasing rates and regulations have on future deals?
  1. Nicole Freeman, Managing Director, Wells Fargo
  2. Gonzalo Isaacs, Managing Director, Merrill Lynch
  3. Samuel Canineu, Managing Director, ING
  4. Richard Javier Cook, Managing Director, MUFG

10.30am Morning coffee and networking break

11.15am Assessing the bankability of Argentina: Investment needs, risks and feasibility

  • How are lenders evaluating investment opportunities in Argentina given its past history?
  • What methods of finance will be available to Argentinian companies when looking at accessing the debt market?
  • Are ECAs and multilaterals going to play an active role in Argentinian deals?
  1. Juan Jose Garcia, Head of Syndications, IFC
  2. Ruhi Cosgun, Syndications Manager, FMO
  3. Lynda Bernst, EDC
  4. Carlos Finger, Senior Banker, Argentina Rabobank

12.00pm Are corporates expectations changing when looking for finance? How are lenders responding to these?

  • How are corporates positioning themselves in the current debt markets?
  • Analysing options and cost of capital available to corporates in view of low commodity prices
  • Are corporates looking towards more alternative forms of finance?
  1. Carlos Gradim, Director, Treasury, Biosev
  2. Andrew Dark, CFO, Austral Group
  3. Jaime Morales Vazquez, CFO, Grupo Kaltex
  4. David Duffee, Partner, Mayer Brown

12.45pm Lunch

2.00pm Will institutional investors get more involved in the syndication process?

  • A deeper look into institutional investor involvement in the syndication processes – what can they offer apart from longer tenors?
  • What is the appetite for direct institutional involvement in Latin American deals?
  • Direct lending vs Syndication – what do institutional investors favour? How is this affecting loan syndications?
  1. Violet Osterberg, Managing Director, Investments, Pacific Life Insurance
  2. John Pollock, Managing Director, AIG
  3. Jozef Henriquez, Head of Syndications, Inter-American Investment Corporation


2.45pm Local currency markets: Are local banks in a better position to support the mid-market deals with local currency and expertise?

  • What trends are we seeing in local currency deals? How do these differ to international deals?
  • Local vs international banks: cooperation, competition or peaceful co-existence?
  • Which projects are better suited to local currency financing?
  1. Reinaldo Lima, Deputy General Manager, Banco do Brasil
  2. Jean Pierre Serani, Head of Investment Banking, Bancolombia
  3. Eduardo Gomez de la Torre Pratt, Head of Corporate Finance, Credicorp Peru
  4. Manuel Torres, Senior Vice President, Investment banking, Prival Bank Panama

3.30pm Afternoon refreshments and networking break

4.00pm Champagne Roundtables

The conference will break out into roundtable discussions, focussed on the below outlined jurisdictions. Led by an expert moderator, the roundtables will create an informal environment to discuss current issues, raise questions and engage in debate on future opportunities. Attendees will be able to move around the tables at their pleasure, maximising networking and thought leadership opportunities

  • Commodities - Alejandro Fernandez, Finance Manager, Bunge Latin America
  • FIBRA Es - Guillermo Uribe, Partner, Holland & Knight
  • Bank Regulations
  • Ratings
  • M&A - Noah Kessler, Director, BroadSpan Capital/ Gabriel Gerenstein, Director, BroadSpan Capital
  • Legal risks in cross border issuances - Colleen De Vries, SVP, National Corporate Research
  • LatAm Loan Trading - LSTA Update - Bridget Marsh, Executive VP, LSTA/ Noberto Quintana, Partner, Holland & Knight

5.30pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception

Day Two: Friday September 23rd

8.45am Morning Coffee

9.15am Chairperson’s opening remarks

9.30am Are international banks changing tactics and adopting a more cautious approach in Latin American markets? How is this likely to play out into 2017?

  • What regions are seeing most changes? Are there expectations to move further away from commodity based projects?
  • How do project finance teams view the more cautious approach being adopted from corporate finance? Are they playing a bigger role in syndications?
  • Are the international banks expected to grow their local currency capacity and in which regions?
  1. Benjamin Velazquez, Director, ING
  2. Juan Martin, Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
  3. Enrique Castillo, Head of Structured Finance Americas, Banco Sabadell
  4. Stephen Double, Partner, Holland & Knight

10.15am Bringing back confidence in Brazil:  Have corruption scandals tainted Brazilian players for the near future?

  • What factors are lenders considering when getting involved with Brazilian players?
  • How do international lenders view the Brazilian market in its current state? On what terms are international banks willing to lend to Brazil?
  • Are Brazil’s economic woes also catching up with the country’s local banks? What terms are local deals being made on?
  1. Maud Linnea Kalborg, Senior Vice President, Itau BBA
  2. Andreas Dobner, Head, Credit & Surety Latin America, Swiss Re
  3. Monica Macia, Head of Loan Syndications, HSBC

11.00am Oil & gas: Analysing current exposure of banks to the energy sector and further opportunities in Latin America

  • Assessing the regional dynamics of the industry going into 2017
  • What lessons have banks learnt from the latest oil and gas price cycle? Are banks overexposed to the oil and gas industry?
  • Do banks still have an appetite for oil and gas projects?
  1. Rod Fraser, Managing Director, Oil and Gas Latin America, MUFG
  2. Robert Lee, Managing Director, MUFG

11.30am Refreshments and networking break

12.00pm How are lenders competing in the syndication space in Mexico? How do banks see rise of non-bank lenders?

  • A deeper look into deal structures, tenors, pricing – what are different lenders offering in syndications?
  • How have the Mexican Energy Reforms played out 2 years later? Is there scope for more syndicated deals under these reforms?
  • Analysing new investment vehicles and what these mean for future investment in Mexico
  1. Teresa Nizzola, Chief Representative, Mexico, Export Development Canada
  2. Michael Jakob, Head of Emerging Markets Loan Syndications, Credit Suisse

12.45pm How are corporate workouts being managed across different sectors? What are the pitfalls to avoid?

  • Recurring themes in an increasing amount of corporate workouts
  • Refinancing and restructuring options for corporates in the current market
  • What sectors are seeing most workouts? What does this mean for M&A activity across Latin America?
  1. David Duffee, Partner, Mayer Brown
  2. Eduardo Lima, Partner, Mayer Brown

1.30pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by lunch and close of conference