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Agenda Overview

Day One Tuesday 8th September 2015

08.00 Registration and Coffee

08.45 Chairman’s opening remarks

  1. Andrew Jameson, Executive Officer, General Manager, Investment Banking Division for EMEA, MUFG

Plenary sessions

The opening plenary sessions will set the macro and global context for trade and investment, focusing on risks, opportunities and significant changes in global trade

09.00 Presentation Forecasting global macro trends, threats and opportunities in the global economy
  • Does an export-led recovery hold the key to the global recovery?
  • Is there an end in sight to the current debt crisis?
  • What impact is QE and the current interest rate environment having on trade, pricing and liquidity?
  • Which economies will be growing and slowing down in 2016 and beyond?
  1. Dominick Salvatore, Ph.D, Professor of Economics, Director, Ph.D. Program in Economics,
    Fordham University
9.30 Keynote panel A roadmap for 21st century trade: Identifying major shifts in world trade flows, agreements and regulation
  • What major trading blocs and agreements are developing?
  • How are the WTO, ITC and European commission engaging with the trade finance community?
  • Exploring plans to improve access to finance
  1. Christophe Kiener, Deputy Head, WTO coordination, OECD, Export credits Department, European Commission
  2. Marc Auboin, Economic Counsellor and deputy to Chief Economist, Trade and Finance, Coherence, Trade Finance, World Trade Organization
  3. Rajesh Aggarwal, Chief, Trade Facilitation and Policy for Business Section (TFPB), ITC
  4. David Bischof, Policy Manager, Banking Commission, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
  5. Sean Edwards, Head of Legal, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Europe Limited, Deputy Chairman , International Trade & Forfaiting Association (ITFA), moderator
10.15 Best model for banks under current market conditions: Originator, underwriter, partner, or both?

  • Should banks be focusing on an exporter-led or importer-led relationship?
  • When current pricing is low, does it makes sense to hold on to assets or partner with other banks?
  • Are banks willing to take the risks on offer or are they refocusing on home markets?
  • What is driving liquidity and pricing?

  1. Jonathan Joseph-Horne, Global Coordinator and EMEA Head, Export & Agency Finance Global Trade Finance Department, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
  2. Peter Luketa, Global Head of Export Credit and Global Specialised Finance, HSBC
  3. Erick Hoffman, Global Head of Export & Agency Finance Origination, Banco Santander
  4. Frédéric Surdon, Global Head of Export Finance, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking
  5. Yasser Henda, Global Head of Export Finance, BNP Paribas
  6. Jean-Marie Le Fouest, Managing Director, Head of Commodity & Structured Trade Finance, MUFG
  7. Robert Morin, Senior Vice President, Business and Product Development, Export-Import Bank of the United States, moderator

11.00 Global export finance community insight poll and market snapshot 
With all the key industry participants in one place, Trade Finance’s annual poll and market snap shot serves as the industry benchmark not only for the conference, but also the future.
  • Analysing sector and regional growth and anticipating future growth opportunities
  • Is the ECA product fit for purpose?
  • Is reputational risk the biggest threat to banks?
  • Is there a level playing field amongst ECAs?
  1. Eric Prideaux, Data Editor, Trade Finance Magazine

11.15 Morning refreshments and networking break 

Thematic sessions

12.00 Breakdown of regional and global risks: Are ECAs and the private market equipped to deal with them?

  • Are risks being reflected by pricing or is liquidity masking the fault lines?
  • Are ECAs and the private market equipped to manage the density and complexity of global risks?
  • Breakdown between private insurance and ECA coverage globally and forecast for claims in 2016
  1. Rupert Boyle, Partner, JLT
  2. Eric De Jonge, Member Advisory Board, Banking Commission, ICC

12.30 Understanding borrowers’ funding needs from different geographies, sectors and sizes: Price, diversification, execution?

  • Are borrowers having to delay their investment decisions due to restrictions and limited access to export finance products?
  • How are borrowers viewing currencies?
  • What more would they like to see from banks and ECAs? Is export finance relevant when liquidity is abundant?
  1. Vineyesh Sawhney, Head, Financial Resources, Reliance Industries Limited
  2. Tewolde GebreMariam, CEO, Ethiopian Airlines
  3. Christina Christenson, Director Customer Finance Development, Volvo Trucks
  4. Dr. Doris Hiam-Galvez, Regional Director Europe, Hatch
  5. Matthew Saks, Customer Finance Manager, Airbus
  6. Daniel Geistodt-Kiener, VP, International Financing & Development, Thales
  7. Antonio Sala, Executive Director, Origination Export Agency Finance, Santander, moderator

13.15 Lunch

14.45 Why are ECAs and borrowers looking into Islamic finance and Sukuk structures?

  • What lessons can be taken from UKEF’s first Sukuk guarantee for Emirates? How do you blend ECA finance, Islamic finance and other debt sources?
  • Are there pricing benefits for the borrower and are ECAs demanding a premium?
  • What compliance and legal challenges were encountered?
  1. Nigel Taylor, SVP Customer, Project and Structured Finance, Airbus & EADS
  2. Phil Lewis, Director, Structured Asset Finance, HSBC
  3. Gordon Welsh, Head of Aerospace, UK Export Finance
  4. Nirmal Govinda das, Senior Vice President -Corporate Treasury, Emirates
  5. Joachim Claesson, Director, Credit Agricole, moderator

15.30 Do reinsurance and partnerships amongst ECAs and insurers hold the key to offering innovation and flexibility to the market?
  • Should ECAs be more flexible in terms of content requirements and coverage?
  • What role can reinsurance and partnerships play in boosting flexibility?
  • How are general conditions and policies affecting this trend amongst private and public ECAs?
  1. Nuria Gorog, Senior VP & Regional Manager Continental Europe Credit & Political Risk, Zurich Insurance Plc
  2. Kanke Masaru, Chief Representative, NEXI
  3. Nabil Jijakli, Group Deputy CEO, Credendo Group
  4. Vinco David, Head of Marketing & Business Development, Atradius
  5. Paul Hodgson-Jones, Export & Agency Finance, Global Trade Finance Department, SMBC
  6. Philipp Rossberg, Chief Operating Officer, Euler Hermes, moderator


16.15 Afternoon refreshments and networking break

16.45 Spotlight on Russia and the CIS: Which banks, ECAs and borrowers remain open for business in the region?
  • Which financiers and agencies are supporting deals in the region?
  • How are Russian corporates attracting international debt?
  • Is the market seeing a shift in trade to the CIS? Where are the opportunities?
  1. Topi Vesteri, Deputy CEO, Finnvera
  2. Ilya Krasnov, Head of Corporate Finance, METALLOINVEST Management Company
  3. Oscar Entrambasaguas, Senior Underwriter, EKN
  4. Philipp Rossberg, Chief Operating Officer, Euler Hermes
  5. Marko Gucijan, Director, Head of Project & Export Finance, HSBC, moderator

17.15 How are ECAs reacting to the rise of the RMB and demand for local currencies?

  • What structures, tenors or alternative instruments are best placed for local currency financing?
  • How are ECAs analysing counterparty and currency risks?
  • Will RMB financing become the new dollar financing?
  • Should the burden of the swap and hedge be on the ECA, bank or borrower?
  1. Phil Lewis, Head of Export Finance, Transportation, HSBC
  2. Gordon Welsh, Head of Aerospace, UK Export Finance
  3. David Guy, Vice-President, Corporate & Asset-Backed Lending, EDC
    Gabriel Buck
    , Chair, BBA Export Finance Committee
  4. Dr. Hendrik Holdefleiss, Head of Underwriting & Risk Management, Euler Hermes, moderator

18.00 Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by Camp Nou tour and drinks reception

Day Two Wednesday 9th September

Interactive second day

The second day will focus on more dynamic sessions, such as the Oxford-style debate, plenary sessions and themed roundtable discussions to create a more collaborative platform for debate and engagement.

08.30 Morning Coffee

09.00 Chairman’s opening remarks

09.15 How long will the commodities downswing last and what are the consequences for the export finance community?
  • Is the adjustment in commodity prices a positive trend for growth and investment?
  • Forecast for commodity prices
  • Are projects and investments in the oil and gas sector suffering delays?
  1. Rebecca Harding, CEO, Delta Economics
09.45 Reflecting on the OECD consensus: What are the achievements and shortfalls?
  • What current OECD arrangements are under the spotlight?
  • Are OECD rules being observed and met and is there a greater need for transparency?
  • Emergence of non OECD ECAs and their programmes: Will a middle-ground emerge?
  1. Baek Seung-Taek, Chief Representative, K-Sure
  2. Kisang Kim, Chief Representative, Kexim
  3. Antero Ranta, Director, Structured Export Finance, ANZ
  4. Susanne With, Senior Advisor Corporate Communications, EKN
  5. Eva Ohlsson, Director, Lending, Large Corporates - Export Finance, SEK
  6. Beatriz Reguero, COO, CESCE
  7. Jean Le Cocguic, Senior Advisor, OECD

10.30 Oxford-style debate
  • “This house believes that agencies should not exist at all”
  1. Gabriel Buck, Chair, BBA Export Finance Committee
  2. Gordon Welsh, Head of Aerospace, UK Export Finance
  3. Simon Sayer, Head of Structured Trade & Export Finance, Deutsche Bank
  4. Seiji Sato, Director, Head of Americas Export and Agency Finance, MUFG
  5. Richard Evans, Director, Export & Agency Finance, Citi

 11.15 Morning refreshment and networking break

11.45 Forming a framework for SME financing and finding funding partners

  • What are the greatest challenges: Marketing to SMEs or partnering with banks?
  • What models and products have been successful?
  • Is there a risk return for banks and are there sufficient margins?
  1. Maëlia Dufour, Head of International Division, Coface
  2. Catrin Fransson, CEO, SEK
  3. Paul Croucher, Head of Trade Finance and Insurance Solutions Group, UK Export Finance
  4. Dr. Manuel Probst, Director Export Finance, Director Export Finance, CCC Machinery
  5. John W Goodwin, Chairman, Goodwin PLC
  6. Scott Shepherd, President and Chief Executive Officer, NORTHSTAR, moderator

12.30 Are developed markets the new frontier market? How do demands, structures and execution differ to emerging market deals?
  • Is export finance becoming more prevalent for developed market borrowers?
  • What is the experience of dealing with emerging market borrowers vs developed market borrowers?
  • How are structures and products different to emerging market deals?
  1. Isabelle Roux-Sharpe, Head of Export Finance Business Units & Project Team, Societe Generale Corporate & Investment Banking
  2. Giulio Dal Magro, Head of Heavy Industries - Large Business, SACE SpA
  3. David Guy, Vice-President | Corporate & Asset-Backed Lending, EDC
  4. Fernando Artaza, International Finance, Abengoa
  5. Mika Kursukangas, Vice President, Client Coverage & Structured Customer Finance, Credit Agricole CIB, moderator
13.00 Lunch

14.30 Are CSR and sustainable lending initiatives creating a new paradigm for export finance professionals?
  • What rules are being imposed on ECAs and what are the drivers behind this trend?
  • What are the implications for coal fired projects and non-renewable projects?
  • How are ECAs reacting to this? What will this mean for the market?
  1. Tahir Ahmed, Head of Civil and Defence Business Division, UKEF
  2. Nigel Beck, Chair, Equator Principles Association
  3. Marcos Vaena, Chief, Enterprise Competiveness Section (ECS), ITC
  4. Beril Esendal, Finance Director, Borusan Holding
  5. Kai Preugschat, Secretary General, Berne Union, moderator

15.00 Keynote presentation:  Meeting Brazil’s infrastructure demands: What projects are in the pipeline?

  1. Mr. Edmilson Gama, Deputy Director of Infrastructure Investment, Brazilian Government
Will the rise of the AIIB set a new financing paradigm for infrastructure projects globally? What are ramifications for the global export finance community?
  • Will the banks’ mandate squeeze out other development banks and ECAs?
  • Where are the greatest opportunities for project finance deals and how can ECAs mitigate construction risk?
  • Are FIs comfortable with large capex projects? Is ECA involvement a necessity for large scale projects?
  1. Jing Fenglei, London Representative, Sinosure
  2. David Gardner, Global Head, Export & Project Finance, HSBC
  3. Takashi Matsumoto, General Manager, Finance Department, Mitsui & Co. Europe PLC
  4. Thomas Rebsamen, Head of Project & Export Finance, Alstom
  5. Guillermo Hombravella, Executive Director, Head of Structuring and Product Development, Santander, moderator

15.45 Afternoon refreshments and networking

16.15 Champagne roundtables

The conference will break out into round table discussions, focused on specific regions and sectors.
Led by an expert moderator, the roundtables will create an informal environment to discuss and debate sectorial and regional issues over a glass of champagne.
Attendees will be able to move around the tables, maximising networking and learning opportunities.

  • Offshore and onshore energy
    • Robbert Zappeij, Manager, Treasury & Customer Finance, IHC Merwede Holding
  • Aviation
    • Marcelo Santiago, Managing Director, Sales Finance, Embraer
  • Aerospace
    • Anne AUFRERE, Head of Financing & Insurance department, ARIANESPACE
  • Power/ Infrastructure/ Transport
    • Dorus Everwijn, Director Project Finance, CB&I
  • Telecoms
    • Alfonso Esteban, Customer Finance, Ericsson
  • Renewable energy
    • Arend Drenthe, CFO, Gemini


  • Southern Asia
    • Jun Palanca, Regional Head of Export & Agency Finance Asia, SMBC
  • Western Europe
    • Alex Taylor, Head of Export & Agency Finance, EMEA, Citi
  • Latin America
    • Javier Sanchez-Asiain, Managing Director - Head of Commercial Banking and Trade Americas, Credit Agricole CIB
  • Middle East
    • Manav Futnani, Head of Export Finance, MENA, HSBC
  • Turkey
    • Bruno Cloquet, Head of Export Finance Europe, BNP Paribas

Breakout sessions

Running in parallel to the main conference programme, the breakout sessions will allow delegates to engage with issues that directly affect their business.

Day one 14.45 Technical Brief

Led by industry experts in a classroom format, the session will arm practitioners, new entrants, financiers and borrowers with the practical expertise and knowledge to succeed in the market and avoid pitfalls and risks.

Run in three segments, Attendees will attain the critical knowledge to avoid penalties and fees, and will understand conflicts within these fast moving developments.

14.45 Presentation Basel III: Understanding the leverage ratio and what this means for export finance
  • How will Basel III treat ECA guarantees in terms of risk weighting?
  • Update on reports from the committee
  • New possible evolutions of Basel III and linked regulations
  1. Henri d'Ambrières, CEO, HDA Conseil

15.30 Presentation Mitigating operational risks: Compliance and sanctions
  • Sanctions: What are the rules for different jurisdictions? Can sanctions be applied retrospectively?
  • Equator principles
  • Nuts and bolts of KYC: What are the practical impacts on export finance?
  • What do banks need from ECAs to ensure they are aligned on KYC?
  1. Arthur Duerhager, Compliance Department, KFW IPEX-Bank


Day one 14.45 Think tank “Aligning stakeholders to develop a framework for capital markets funding for non-core sectors”

The think tank will gather thought leaders from each segment of the market to debate and discuss practical and theoretical frameworks for market development within an interactive environment.

Gather with your peers and help shape the future of the market.

  • What is the best strategy for portfolio and book management?
  • How are ECAs equipped to support distribution strategies for banks? 
  • How do securitisation structures work?
  • Funding non-core sectors in the capital markets: Will a framework develop?
  • Are the yields and returns on offer for investors? What are investors demanding in terms of structures, returns and frameworks?
  1. Valentino Gallo, Global Head of Export and Agency Finance, Citi
  2. Robert Kowit, Senior Vice President, Federated Investors
  3. Stephen Ceurvorst, Managing Partner, Lord Capital LLC
  4. Erick Rengifo, Center for International Policy Studies, Founder Director
    Associate Professor, Fordham University
  5. Pierre-Marie Debreuille, Head of Export Finance, SFIL

  6. Nicola Bailey, Professional Facilitator, Meeting Magic