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Agenda Overview

Tuesday May 26th, 2015

12:00pm Registration and welcome lunch 12:45pm Chairperson’s opening remarks 1:00pm Macroeconomic overview: Strategic road map for Latin America in 2015 
  • What does the insurance and reinsurance market have to offer in the second half of 2015?
  • Will the Latin American insurance market continue to grow in the short and long-term despite slowing economic growth?
  • The influence of Latin America’s expanding middle class on the competitive environment
  1. Craig Thorburn, Lead Insurance Specialist, World Bank Group

1:30pm Insurance dynamics: Responding to operational demands and capitalizing on new competitive advantages

  • The impact of capital requirements on local insurers and their need for more flexible and differentiated reinsurance products
  • What influence has mandatory insurance had on insurance penetration rates in the region?
  • Developing local underwriting talent within Latin America: A new source of competitive advantage for insurers?
  1. Moderator: Juan Fernando Serrano, Executive President, LatinoInsurance
  2. Jorge Luis Cazar, Regional President, ACE Latin America
  3. Bruno Camargo, Chief Operating Officer, Fairfax Brasil
  4. Bruno Laval, Regional Manager Iberia & Latin America, XL Group

2:15pm Spotlight on Colombia: Is this the next market to boom?

  • What are the key drivers that make Colombia an attractive market for entry?
  • How are peace developments within the country impacting the insurance industry?
  • Can global players successfully capitalize on the market despite the strength of Colombia’s local insurers?
  1. Alexander Montoya, Latin America Managing Director, Liberty International Underwriters
2:45pm Refreshments and networking break 3:30pm How can new technology help insurers improve their pricing and customer attraction strategies? Is Latin America catching up with the rest of the world? 
  • The impact of digital transformation on risk assessment and insurance underwriting within Latin America
  • Usage-based insurance and consumer mobile applications: Overcoming the challenges of new product implementation
  • How can insurers in Latin America utilize ‘Big Data’ in the decision-making process?
  1. Moderator: Marcela Abraham , Managing Consultant, Towers Watson
  2. Jaime Aviña, Latin America Chief Pricing Actuary, Zurich Insurance Group
  3. Serhat Guven , Director, Towers Watson
  4. Juan Mazzini, Senior Analyst, Celent

4:15pm Adapting in Brazil: Maximizing profitability in an increasingly competitive reinsurance market

  • Addressing the increase in pricing competition and excess in reinsurance capital within the Brazilian market
  • Are we going to see consolidation of the reinsurance market in 2015? How would this impact pricing and rates in Brazil?
  • Where are the opportunities for improving bottom and top line profitability?
  1.   Leonardo André Paixão, Chief Executive Officer, IRB Brasil Re

4:45pm Microinsurance: Is this the future for Latin America?

  • Which countries present the greatest growth potential for microinsurance?
  • Mass marketing: A commercially-viable vehicle for increasing microinsurance penetration in Latin America?
  • What further developments are needed to the distribution channels of microinsurance?
  1. Juan Mazzini, Senior Analyst, Celent
  2. Carlos Boelsterli, Chief Executive Officer, MiCRO 

5:30pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception 7:30pm Separately bookable Reactions Latin America Awards Dinner. For booking enquiries contact Goran Pandzic here

Wednesday May 27th, 2015 

8:45am Morning refreshments 9:15am Chairperson’s opening remarks  9:30am A transactional environment: Is reinsurance now a commoditized product within Latin America? 
  • The changing dynamics of the reinsurance market from a partnership to a transactional product
  • How is the sustained soft cycle influencing product offerings and pricing?
  • Are captive programmes the future for reinsurers in Latin America?
  1. Moderator: Lionel Soffia, Chief Executive Officer - Latin America, Arthur J. Gallagher International
  2. Carlos Caputo, Chief Executive Officer – Latin America, Markel
  3. Rodrigo Botti, Chief Financial Officer & Chief Operating Officer, Terra Brasis
  4. Ingrid Carlou, Chief Executive Officer, Patria Re
  5. Santiago Casanueva, Head of Reinsurance, Grupo CP

10:15am Regulation or excess capital: What is the prevailing driver behind M&A activity in Latin America?

  • How are regulatory changes driving merger and acquisition activity within the region?
  • Identifying the opportunities for local carriers in light of recent mergers and acquisitions 
  • How can large players utilize M&A to manoeuvre within unfavorable license regulations?
  1. Eduardo Recinos, Senior Director & Co-Head of Latin American Insurance Group, Fitch Ratings

10:45am Morning refreshments and networking break 11:15am Developing new and innovative catastrophe models in Latin America and the implications for model users 

  • Catastrophe losses versus modelled losses: The impact on pricing strategies and the demand for more sophisticated models
  • What is hindering the development of country-specific models in the region? Will regulatory changes stipulate the use of specific models?
  • How effective are current catastrophe models in measuring the impact of business interruption?
  1. Moderator: Sonia Galvis, Chief Underwriting Officer, Markel
  2. William Turkel, Senior Vice President & General Manager – Latin America & Caribbean, Allied World Re
  3. Matthew Nielsen, Senior Director - Global Governmental & Regulatory Affairs, RMS
  4. Kieth Lawler, Head of Catastrophe Modelling, Aon 
  5. Dr Eduardo Rienoso, Chief Executive Officer, ERN

12:00pm Exploring the role of alternative capital within Latin America: How is it influencing the market?

  • Catastrophe bonds and sidecars: Exploring alternative capital structures
  • What areas of the region are being most impacted by alternative capital?
  • Examining the key drivers behind alternative capital usage in Latin America
  1. Chris Lefferdink, Head of Analytics - Latin America, Aon

12:30pm Lunch 1:45pm Insuring energy and infrastructure developments against risks within Latin America: What are the issues for risk managers?

  • Which projects within the region present the greatest risk?
  • The impact of climate change and flood-related catastrophes on risk manager’s purchasing behavior
  • Is global insurance coverage in higher demand than local insurance coverage?
  1. Moderator: Rodrigo Salas, Senior Director Insurance Companies, Fitch Ratings
  2. Brian Denney, Partner, Alesco Risk Management Services
  3. Salvador Ortiz-Fernandez, Corporate Risk Manager, Peñoles   

2:30pm Developing a comprehensive risk analysis model: Effectively integrating human behavior with property & casualty risk assessment 

  • Can insurers successfully incorporate the ‘human factor’ into their risk management strategies?
  • Using hard and soft variables in underwriting to manage the impact of human behavior on the insurance industry
  • How can insurers add value to the insurance cycle by working with consumers to prevent claims?
  1. Carlos Andrés Ángel A., Vice President of Social Security, Suramericana 
3:00pm Afternoon refreshments and networking break

3:30pm Professional liability insurance: Insuring new financial risks within Latin America
  • Examining the drivers of new demand for speciality lines of business
  • Errors & Omissions and Directors & Officers insurance: Emerging lines within the region?
  • Which speciality lines of business will provide the most growth for insurers?
  1. Marc Poliquin, Senior Vice President – Professional Indemnity Product Head, ACE Group

4:00pm What are the key drivers behind the regionalization of local insurers?

  • What methods of investment are local insurers using to expand into other countries?
  • Regulation clashes across the region and their impact on regional policy wording
  • Importance of the brand: The role of local insurers in building trust at consumer level
  1. Moderator: Lee Bacon , Partner, Clyde & Co
  2. Eduardo Fábrega , Chief Executive Officer, ASSA Compañía de Seguros
  3. Juan Fernando Serrano , Executive President, LatinoInsurance
  4. Marcelo Mansur Haddad , Partner, Mattos Filho
  5. Angelo Colombo , Chief Executive Officer - South America, Allianz Global Corporate and Speciality

5:00pm Chairperson’s closing remarks and close of conference