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Aircraft & Engines Day

Specialist Day - Aircraft and Engines Outlook: Monday 18th January 2016


08.00am Registration and morning refreshments


09.00 Chairperson’s opening remarks

  1. Eduardo Munhos de Campos, Senior Vice President - Commercial, SSJ100 Program, SuperJet International

09.15am What is an ideal aircraft asset?

  • Identifying ideal assets for long-term economic returns
  • Aircraft value retention factors
  • Aircraft value cycles and when to invest in the aviation sector


  1. Shannon Ackert, Senior Vice President, Jackson Square Aviation


09.45am How do you remarket a widebody aircraft?

  • What is the value of a widebody when it comes off lease and wo will have appetite for used large aircraft?
  • What will happen to the 30 777-300 ERs that are coming off lease in 2017 and who is likely to take them in the secondary market?
  • How will the development of the 787, A350 and 777X affect the widebody market?
  1. Bert Van Leeuwen, Global Head of Aviation Research, DVB Bank S.E.
  2. Gwyn Scourfield, Senior Vice President & Global Head of Marketing, CIT Aerospace International
  3. Chris Damianos, Executive Vice President & Manager Specialty Markets, GECAS
  4. Moderated by: Geoff Hearn, Technical Editor, Airfinance Journal

10.30 Morning refreshments and networking

11.20am How do you value an aircraft with a lease attached?

  • What are lease-encumbered values and why do we need them?
  • How do we calculate lease-encumbered values?
  • How do you compare the results vs current market value? Is it more or less and why?
  1. Doug Kelly, Senior Vice President – Asset Valuation, Avitas

12.00am Prospects for aircraft: Which aircraft will be winning products overtime?

  • What are the virtues and potential weaknesses of current aircraft types?
  • Why are certain aircraft types going to be popular overtime?
  • What are the particularities of a highly performant aircraft?
  1. Richard Owen Walker, Head of Leasing & Investor Marketing, Airbus
  2. James Billing, Managing Director, Market Analysis, Boeing
  3. Jerome Gabory, Head of Leasing Markets, ATR
  4. Rodrigo Silva e Souza, Marketing Intelligence Vice President - Commercial AviationEMBRAER
  5. Ross Mitchell, Senior Vice President, Asset Management, Bombardier Commercial Aircraft
  6. Hideyuki Kamiya, Director Head of Strategic Marketing, Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation

  7. Moderated by: Bert Van Leeuwen, Global Head of Aviation Research, DVB Bank S.E.

13.00 Lunch

14.30pm How to value an aircraft that does not exist?

  • How do you value an aircraft that has never traded such as the C-Series?
  • How do you value new airplanes that have just started trading?
  • What is the effect of fuel prices on new generation aircraft?
  1. Bob Agnew, Chief Executive Officer, Morten Beyer & Agnew

15.00pm How liquid is the narrowbody market?

  • Narrowbodies have a large operating basis, however will the new aircraft generation affect liquidity in the narrowbody market?
  • What impact will new generation narrowbodies have on current aircraft generations?
  • Will the introduction of new aircraft types such as the C-Series distort market values
  1. Phil Seymour, President and Chief Operating Officer, IBA Group Limited

15.30pm How is the engine market evolving to meet market demand?

  • New engine developments and evolution of the engine aftermarket
  • How are engines evolving to better service customers?
  • Power by the hour agreements’ impact on secondary market liquidity
  1. Jim Speich, Director of Marketing, Pratt & Whitney
  2. Richard Goodhead, Vice President, Marketing, Customer Strategy & Marketing, Rolls-Royce plc
  3. Christophe Poulain, Vice President Commercial Strategy, CFM
  4. Moderated by: Geoff Hearn, Technical Editor, Airfinance Journal

16.10pm Preparing for end of life retirement of aircraft

  • Preparing for retirement dismantling: Issues and considerations
  • Airline market analysis and forecast
  • How many aircraft will be delivered and how many are expected to be retired over the years?
  1. Robert Korn, President, Apollo Aviation Group
  2. Abdol Moabery, Chief Executive Officer, GA Telesis
  3. Mike Warner, Managing Director – Aircraft Programs, Boeing
  4. Andrew Gordon, Director Strategic Marketing & Analysis Market Forecasts, Airbus
  5. Moderated by: Jon Skirrow, Managing Director and Head of Aviation Asset Management, DVB Bank SE

16.50 Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception sponsored by ORIX Aviation