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Agenda Overview

Day One: Thursday January 21st, 2016

8.00am Registration and morning refreshments

8.45am Chairperson’s opening remarks
Bruce Fowler, Partner, BLG

9.00am What  approach will Alberta’s New Democratic Party take with the development of renewable energy projects?

  • Will the government introduce clean electricity standards?
  • How will Alberta phase out coal-powered electricity generation while expanding wind and solar?
  • What incentives is the government looking to provide in order to boost the bankability of renewable energy projects?
  1. John Gorman, President, CanSIA
  2. Mike Crawley, Executive Vice President, Development, Northland Power, Inc.
  3. David Timm, Vice President, Sussex Strategy
  4. Moderator: Valerie Helbronner, Partner, Torys

10.45amGoing international: What are the most attractive international markets for Canadian developers looking for deals? Are domestic financiers willing to follow developers outside of Canada?

  • To what extent are international projects preferred over Canadian projects?
  • How do developers view the bank debt, lifeco, and bond markets opportunities when developing international projects?
  • Where will Canadian developers find growth in the mid- and long-term?
  • Exploring emerging markets and the role of development finance institutions
  1. John Carson, CEO, Alterra Power
  2. Stephen Somerville, Vice President, Business Development & Acquisitions, H2O Power
  3. Christian Wray, Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, JCM Capital
  4. Tracy Stoddard, Director, Origination, Algonquin Power
  5. Moderator: Linda Bertoldi, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP

10.30am Morning refreshments and networking break sponsored by INTECH Risk Management

11.15am Scrutinising capital available for the next wave of renewable energy project refinancing

  • Will we see more refinancing being done in bank finance instead of bonds? Which projects are best suited to refinancing in loan markets vs bonds?
  • Refinancing with private placement, bond market or mini-perms: What is preferred and what are the pitfalls?
  • Terms and maturity of the bond market vs. the flexibility of the loan market: How much activity can be expected from refinancing in the loan and bond markets?
  1. Daniel Elkort, Executive VP & General Counsel, Pattern Energy

  2. John D. Vincent, Senior Managing Director, Head of Project Finance, Sun Life Financial

  3. Paul Cutler, Treasurer, NextEra Energy, Inc.

  4. Nicholas J. Addivinola, Senior Director, Origination and M&A, ET Capital, Inc

  5. Moderator: Scott Kraag, Partner, Torys

12.00pm Canada’s financing landscape for power: Where are lenders seeing growth and what are the differences in financing smaller and larger projects?

  • Project terms: A look at tenors and pricings offered by Canadian and international banks and lifecos
  • Evaluating the willingness of lenders to take on merchant risk
  • Are lenders in Canada willing to finance all types of power generation technologies? If not, which are preferred?
  • Growth opportunities in the different markets
  1. Murray Eastwood, Senior Director, CIT Energy & Infrastructure
  2. Carmelo Restifo, Director – MUFG Project Finance, MUFG
  3. Peter Mastromarini, Managing Director, Corporate Banking, CIBC Capital Markets
  4. Moderator: Sébastien Vilder, Partner, Blakes

12.45pm Lunch
2.00pm  How to mitigate pollution risk in renewables projects?

  • Will there be new regulations from the government?
  • Can developers mitigate the risk in the construction or contractual?
  • A closer look at projects that have been accused of pollution
  1. Sarah Roberts, President, INTECH Risk Management Inc.
  2. Jen Aitchison, Partner, Jones Brown
  3. Sarah Powell, Partner, Davies

2:45pm Outlook for wind projects in Canada’s major markets: What are the primary opportunities for developers of wind projects?

  • Update on activities from British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario and Quebec: Which provinces are actively incentivizing wind development?
  • Outlook for new greenfield projects in 2016: How will they be financed and will the market see alternative ways of financing?
  • Challenges in getting permitted windfarms: Will the market see more largescale projects?
  1. Peter Clibbon, Vice President Development, RES Canada Inc.
  2. Nick Boyd, Vice President, Business Development & Finance, BluEarth Renewables
  3. Colin Edwards, Senior Developer - Canada, Pattern Energy
  4. Carolyn Chesney, Chief Financial Officer, GDF Suez
  5. Moderator: Hugh Sutcliffe, Director and Head, JCRA Financial Canada

3.30pm Afternoon coffee and networking break sponsored by INTECH Risk Management

4.00pm Identifying the available sources of funding for new and existing energy storage technologies

  • A look at the IESO’s storage procurement: What is the potential, vision and opportunity for energy storage in Ontario and throughout Canada?
  • To what extent are new storage technologies attracting institutional investors and commercial banks? What is required to make energy storage bankable?
  • What lessons can Canada learn from California’s energy storage procurements?
  1. Nicolas Muszynski, Senior Development Manager, RES Canada
  2. Sami Zahur, Partner, Brookfield Financial Corporation
  3. Alexander McIsaac, Manager, Business Development and Projects, NRStor Inc.
  4. Antonio Antonopoulos, Co-Founder, Isla Power, President, REngenuity Inc.
  5. Moderator: Milosz Zemanek, Senior Associate, Torys

5.00pm Credit Risks of Renewable Power Projects: Financing features that push the boundaries

  • Which risks should be borne by the borrower versus the lenders?
  • Bank and bond lenders have different risk appetites or is it just a matter of term to maturity?
  • How much refinancing risk is too much for the bond markets?
  • Can merchant risk ever be investment grade?
  • Are self-correcting mechanisms like cash traps effective and give extra comfort for lenders?
  1. Biao Gong, Vice President, project Finance, DBRS
  2. Cliff Inskip, President, Pole Star Advisory Services
  3. Destin Cook, Director of Finance, NextEra Energy, Inc.
  4. Moderator: Bruce Fowler, Partner, BLG

5.45pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by cocktail reception

Day Two: Friday January 22nd, 2015

8.30am Morning refreshments and refreshment

9.00am Chairperson’s opening remarks

9.15am Keynote presentation: Bruce Power Canada’s largest public private partnership

  1. Kevin Kelly, CFO and EVP Finance and Commercial Services, Bruce Power

9.45am The future of electricity distribution: Will the market see more consolidations across the electricity distribution landscape?

  • How can the tax holiday for electricity distribution companies boost consolidation?
  • Outlining the future investment for cost savings resulting from consolidations
  • Addressing consolidation concerns associated with electricity rates, operating costs and service quality
  1. Ching-yen Chen, Partner, InstarAGF Asset Management
  2. David J. McFadden Q.C., Chair of the Canadian & International Advisory Boards, Fengate Capital Management
  3. Anthony Haines, President & Chief Executive Officer, Toronto Hydro Corporation
  4. Moderator: Paul Harricks, Partner, Gowlings

10.30am Morning refreshments and networking break

11.00am As First Nations bands and communities increasingly become active participants in power projects, what are the key factors determining their involvement?

  • What Aboriginal-led power projects are in the pipeline as a result of provincial procurements?
  • What financing structures are First Nations bands looking for?
  • Is the AEPP living up to its task and meeting the needs of First Nation and Métis communities by supporting their participation in Ontario’s energy sector?
  1. Derick Wong, Principal, Aboriginal Business Network
  2. William Sutherland, Senior Managing Director, Project Finance, Manulife Financial
  3. Moderator: William Buchner, Partner, Davies

11.45pm The Hydro One privatisation: What is the expected impact on future energy projects?

  • How will the privatisation of the Hydro One impact renewables projects looking to connect to the grid?
  • Could the Hydro One privatization set a precedent for the privatization of water and wastewater services?
  • What consequences does the privatisation have on the grid and for the electricity prices?
  1. Chris Benedetti, Principal, Sussex Strategy Group
  2. Ayaz Khokhar, President and CEO, Source3 Energy Inc.
  3. Mike Crawley, Executive Vice President, Development, Northland Power, Inc.

12.30pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by lunch and close of conference