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Agenda Overview

Day one Thursday 10th March

8.30am Registration and Coffee

9.15am Chairperson’s opening remarks

9.30am Understanding the "new" US-Exim Bank: Time frames, changes and stipulations

  1. Claudia Slacik, Senior Vice President and Chief Banking Officer, US-Exim Bank

10am Winning deals in a liquid environment: How are banks reacting to suppressed deal volumes and pricing?

• What are the key drivers behind the current pricing environment?
• Is originate to distribute the only sustainable model? 
• Is the decrease in global ECA business volume experienced over the recent months establishing a trend?

    • Piers Constable, Head of the Americas, Structured Trade & Export Finance, Deutsche Bank
    • Patrick Gang, Head of Export Finance, Americas, JP Morgan
    • Valentino Gallo, Global Head of Export Finance, Citi
    • Marcia Davis, Head of Structured Export Finance, Bank of America
    • Jean-Baptiste Piette, Head of Export & Agency Finance, USA, Santander
    • Bruce Drossman, Senior Vice President - ECA Advisory, GE Energy Financial Services, moderator

    10.45am Morning refreshments and networking break

    11.15am Is the Aircraft Sector Understanding (ASU) the right tool to finance aircraft?

    • Do the ASU rules need to be reviewed to align with the OECD consensus?
    • Assessing the attractiveness of export finance compared to aircraft ABS, capital markets, and commercial finance
    • Will banks and ECAs support local currencies deals for airlines and manufacturers?

      • Irmela Ginkel, Customer Finance, Airbus
      • Louis Douady, Managing Director, Aviation Group North America, Natixis
      • Marcelo Santiago, Managing Director, Sales Finance, Embraer S.A
      • Robert Morin, Senior Vice President, Business and Product Development, Export-Import Bank of the United States, moderator

      11.15am Morning refreshments and networking break

      12pm Do current conditions facilitate or impede local currency structures in Latin America?

      • Are Latin American borrowers demanding local currency or dollar/euro denominated debt?
      • What is driving demand for local currency?
      • Which ECAs and banks are offering local currency solutions?

        • Joanne Tognarelli, Chief Representative, EDC
        • Hendrik Holdefleiss, Head of Division Underwriting & Risk Management, Export Credit Guarantees, Euler Hermes
        • Liliana Rizopulos, Senior Underwriter, Transportation, EKN
        • Guilherme Laux, Deputy Secretary, Export Credit and Guarantees, SAIN
        • Thomas Berkes, Head of Working Capital & Export Finance Solutions, Brazil, Santander, moderator
        • 12.45pm Lunch

          Main conference

        2pm Unlocking liquidity restrictions for commercial banks on large scale infrastructure projects

        • Is there enough liquidity available in the market to finance large scale energy and infrastructure projects without ECA/multilateral support?
        • Should ECAs soften their requirement on being pari-passu on the tenor with uncovered tranches?
        • What should determine the percentage of ECA coverage in project finance transactions?

          • Michael Whelan, Director, Project & Structured Finance, US-Exim Bank

          • Carlos Cesarman, CFO, Pinfra

          • Nuria Haltiwanger, CEO, ACS Infrastructure

          • Angela Perez, Head of Finance, Elecnor
          • Ralph Scholtz, Managing Director, Head of Project Finance, Latin America, MUFG

          • Duncan Caird, Managing Director, Head of Export & Agency Finance, Americas, HSBC

          Breakout session

          Think Tank

          The think tank will gather thought leaders from each segment of the market to debate and discuss practical and theoretical frameworks for market development within an interactive environment.

          Tackling structural innovations to bring non-bank investors into export finance

          2.45pm Should ECAs accept merchant risk in energy projects to help the development of certain energy generation sectors?

          • Understanding PPA and offtake contracts across different Latin American countries: Guidelines for contractual structures and revenue modelling
          • Will ECAs support and underwrite offtake agreements to help finance projects?
          • Exploring opportunities for equity and direct lending programs

            • Carlos Barrera, Vice President & Managing Director, Latin America, SunEdison

            • Steven Mayo, Project & Structured Finance, Siemens

            • John Haberl, Director, Project Finance, AES Corporation
            • John L. Schuster, Principal, 32 Advisors, moderator


            3.30pm Refreshments and networking break

            4.45pm Champagne roundtables

            Led by an expert moderator, the roundtables will create an informal environment to discuss and debate sectorial, regional and thematic issues over a glass of champagne.

            Delegates will be able to move around tables, maximising networking and learning opportunities

            Colombia infrastructure

              • Angela Perez, Head of Finance, Elecnor


                • Guilherme Laux, Deputy Secretary, Export Credit and Guarantees, SAIN
                  Vitor Gabrielli
                  , Director, Project & Export Finance, HSBC 

                Unlocking liquidity for frontier countries

                  • Richard Abizaid, Vice President, Zurich

                  Mexico power

                  1. Jesus Serrano Landeros, Commissioner, Energy Regulatory Commission CRE


                  1. Ulrika Sernbrandt, Senior Underwriter, EKN


                  1. Jorge Araiza, Treasurer, Volkswagen Mexico

                  6.15pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception


                  Day two Friday March 11th

                  8.45am Registration and Coffee

                  9.15am Chairman’s opening remarks

                  9.30am The impact of suppressed commodity prices on infrastructure & capex projects in the mining, metals and oil & gas sector

                  • How is the current price slump affecting the financing requirements of commodity borrowers?
                  • Are projects and capex programmes being delayed, progressed or cancelled?
                  • What does the oil price environment mean for shale gas producers and large scale LNG projects?

                    • Economist, Santander

                    10am Is the ECA product fit for purpose? What initiatives can agencies offer to remain competitive in the Americas?

                    • Are ECAs flexible and agile enough to support trade in an evolving environment?  Do content rules and coverage require more flexibility?
                    • Fostering better communication ties so that banks and ECAs align themselves to better serve the borrowers’ needs
                    • Does the market require a review of the OECD consensus?

                      • Bruce Drossman, Senior Vice President - ECA Advisory, GE Energy Financial Services

                      • Jorge Araiza, Treasurer, Volkswagen Mexico
                      • Eva Ohlsson, Director, Lending, Large Corporates, SEK

                      • Dr. Manuel Probst, Director Export Finance, CCC Machinery GmbH
                      • Carmen Vara, Deputy Director, CESCE
                      • Jaume Pujol, Managing Director, Head of Export Finance Americas, Capital Financing, HSBC, moderator

                      10.45am Oxford-style debate

                      “This house believes agencies should not exist in the Americas”

                      1. Lillian Labbat, Export Finance Specialist
                      2. Mini Roy, Managing Director, Public Sector and Development Organizations, Standard Chartered

                      11.15am Morning refreshments and networking break


                      11.45pm Are there pricing and tenor benefits for multilateral involvement in investment grade and middle income countries?

                      • What value are DFIs and multilaterals bringing to projects in the Americas?
                      • How has the market reacted to MIGA’s non-honoring of sovereign financial obligations?
                      • Understanding dispute resolutions processes and time frames

                        • Carlo Bongianni, Global Head of Infrastructure, MIGA

                        • Jose Felix Magana, Head, Private Sector & Non-Sovereign, Central American Bank for Economic Integration
                        • Arun Sharma, Chief Investment Officer, IFC
                        • Erica Ehst, Director, Renewable & Clean Energy Team, OPIC
                        • Mauricio Gonzalez, Head of Export Finance, North America, BNP

                        1pm How will export finance fit into the long term funding strategies of American and Canadian borrowers?

                        • What are the best sources of long term funding for North American borrowers?
                        • How does the experience of negotiating and dealing with developed market borrowers differ to emerging market borrowers?
                        • What terms and structures are on offer? 

                          • Ted Young, CFO, Dorian LPG
                          • Antje Gibson, CFO, Royal Caribbean Cruises
                          • Carla G. Campos, Director, Project and Export Finance Americas, Capital Financing Global Banking and Markets, HSBC

                          1.30pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by lunch