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Agenda Overview

Day One: Wednesday 24th February 2016

0830 Registration and coffee
0900 Chairman’s opening remarks
0910 Japan's plans for over $100 billion government led infrastructure investments across Asia

  1. Tomoyuki Ichijo , Senior Representative, JBIC

0940 Panel: How are banks adapting to changing markets and what are the latest innovations to secure deals?

  • Explore the regions and assets that have brought the most steady pipeline and why
  • Understand what is necessary for Asia to develop trade and export finance bond issuance
  • Uncover whether frontier markets are offering enough opportunities
  • Review of local currency and how increased currency volatility is affecting the market

  1. Iomori Kanae , Global Head of Export Finance & Structured Finance, Mizuho
  2. Paul Richards , Global Head of Structured Export Finance, ANZ
  3. Senior representative, SMBC

1040 Networking Coffee Break
1110  Global ECA Panel: Do all the opportunities still lie in Asia, or have other regions started to catch up?
  • Explore how the TPP will affect trade flows and how Asia could stand to benefit
  • Examine how global ECAs are looking to get involved in the infrastructure space
  • Dissect the key regulatory challenges ECAs face in lending to Asian corporates
  • Learn how non-Asian ECAs are equipped to cover or finance in local currency

  1. Ali Sherwani , Head of Business Development, UKEF
  2. Chia Wan Liew , Chief Representative, Southeast Asia, Export Development Canada
  3. Maria Hultén , Director, Export Finance,  SEK
  4. Raymond Ellis , Vice President, Global Business Development, Export-Import Bank of the United States
  5. Susanne With , Senior Advisor, Corporate Communications,  EKN
1210 Lunch
Country Streams

1340 Explore the inbound opportunities as China steers towards domestic consumption

  • Mandates for export finance in 2016
  • Has transportation become a key focus for China EXIM?
  • How will the "One belt, one road" policy and AIIB affect collaboratino with Chian EXIM, Sinosure and CDB?
  • Areas of inbound growth in China

1340 What lessons can we learn from Vietnam's Duyen Hai 3 extension deal - is this the blueprint for other major deals in Vietnam?

  • Explore what challenges were faced, and how they were overcome
  • What it takes to secure the Ministry of Finances' guarantee
  • Risk allocation in the project
  • Importance of participation by Japanese regional banks

  1. Senior representative, SMBC
1410  Uncovering the bright spots in India and what they mean for you

  • What are some of the key policies missing from a healthy growth of export finance activity?
  • understanding the key provincial goverment risks and how are they handled
  • Is the export performance bank guarantee (EPBG) scheme a good alternative for ECA backed financing?
  • Where are the bright spots and opportunities in the current market?
  1. Nathan Nelson , Chief Representative, India, Export Development Canada
  2. Rajiv Biswas , Senior Director and Asia-Pacific Chief Economist, IHS
1410 What prospects will emerge from Indonesia outside of the large commodity deals?

  • Does ECA backed financing make the most sense for exporters with new regulations on foreign currency implemented?
  • Is ECA backed financing accessible to non SOEs?
  • IDR vs USD - which is preferred for exporters in Indonesia?

  1. Adolfo Dindo Abueg , Co-Head Project Finance, Asia Pacific, Korea Development Bank
  2. Adrian Lembong , Director of Business Development, PT Adaro Power
  3. Lynn Loh , Structured Export Finance, ANZ
1455 Networking coffee break
1525 Champagne roundtables

  • Representatives from selected regions and assets will share insights into their export and agency financing challenges, opportunities, pipelines and more. Each expert will have an open discussion to each roundtable of delegates in 25 minute slots. Pick and choose your session in a more intimate roundtable setting. Each representative will then issue a summary of all discussions, which will be distributed after the conference.




  • Conventional Power
  • Renewables
  • Telecoms
  • Oil and gas
  • Transportation


  • South Asia
  • Africa
  • Mekong


  1. Marcel Ivison , Managing Director, Commodities and Financial Markets, Macquarie Group
  2. Senior representative,  ANZ
  3. Senior representative,  IHS

1725 Chairman’s closing remarks followed by cocktail reception and Trade Finance awards dinner

Day Two: Thursday 25th February 2016

0830  Registration and coffee
0900 Chairman’s opening remarks
0910 Rebalancing the finance mix and what this means for lenders

  • At the end of the day, how much does price factor into borrowers' decision making?
  • With volatility at its highest in recent years, does local currency make the most sense?
  • Are bonds a viable option for many borrowers' needs?
  • How accessible is ECA backed financing, and what is needed to access it?

  1. Pascal Serre , Head of Trade and Project Finance, Alcatel-Lucent Asia Pacific
  2. Robert Wallin , Executive Director, Customer Financing Solutions Department,  Huawei Tech. Investment Co.
  3. Siew San YING , Manaing Director - Commercial Finance,  GE Global Growth - ASEAN
  4. Moderator: Steven Mulder , Head of Structured Export Fiannce, Asia-Pacific, ANZ
1010 Asia Pacific ECA panel: Where are Asia's pursuit of resources leading its ECAs, or have their mandates changed?

  • Is Asia a primary focus for natural resources or has that shifted to the Middle East and Africa?
  • Government mandates for 2016
  • With the lack of large project deals in Asia, has financing for SMEs increased?
  • How has Asia's ECAs handled volatility of local currency and how has it affected deals being done?

  1. Lee Joo-Hung , Director, Plant Finance & Planning Team, KEXIM
  2. Khalil Khiran , Director, Corporate, Sovereign & Project Finance, EFIC
  3. Park Jang-Hee , Director and Head of Team for Petrochemical & Refinery, K-sure
  4. Yasukazu Irino , Head of Singapore Office and Chief Representative for Asia and Oceania,  NEXI  
1055 Learn how to manage currency risk in the current volatile environment 
  • Performance of local currency vs USD
  • Forecast of local currency
  • Challenges and solutions to currency volatility 

  1. Divya Devesh , Asia FX Strategist, Standard Chartered
1125 Networking coffee break 
1155 Debate: "We believe that the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (TPP) will improve trade and export finance in Asia"
  • In this session, the audience will vote for and against the motion prior to the debate. Two teams will then argue either for or against the TPP in an effort to change the audiences vote. Once the debate is finished, a second vote will be made to see if the debate resulted in a change of opinion.
1240  What advantages could emerge from multilaterals and DFIs working together with ECAs to develop riskier projects in Asia?

  • Have the dynamics between multilaterals, ECAs and banks changed?
  • Which are the hotspots for multilateral and DFI initiatives?
  • What new products or initiatives are being used for project financing?

  1. David Nieuwendijk , Senior Investment Officer, Syndications, FMO
  2. Geoffrey Tan , Managing Director, Asia Pacific,  OPIC
  3. John H. Groesbeek , Head of Syndications Asia, IFC  
  4. Owais Diyan , Head of Operations - Dubai,  ICIEC
  5. Timothy James Histed , Head, Singapore & Hong Kong, MIGA Asia
1325 Close of conference