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Agenda Overview

Agenda day one:

8.15am Registration and coffee

9.00am Chairperson’s opening remarks

  1. Sara Pirzada, Executive Director, Mizuho
    9.15am  What impact are low oil prices having on the midstream industry across the Americas?
    • Which sectors of the midstream industry are seeing the most activity?
    • Analysing capex spending and identifying new opportunities
    • Identifying key trends and challenges for the next 12 months  
    1. Renee Klimczak, Managing Director, Galway Group LLC

    9.45am  Lifting the ban: What infrastructure is needed to support crude oil exports in the US?
    • Pipeline, storage and other transport: Which sectors are expected to see most activity and growth?
    • How much capital is required to fund infrastructure needs? What methods of finance are likely to be used to fund these projects?
    • Assessing corporate and project finance markets: Who has the biggest capacity to lend?
    • How is private equity competing in the development of projects?
    1. Sean Strawbridge, COO, Port of Corpus Christie
    2. Skip York, Vice President, Integrated Energy, Wood Mackenzie
    3. Andrew Lipow, President, Lipow Oil Associates LLC
    4. Moderator: Deniese Palmer-Huggins, Senior Energy Advisor, UT- Center for Energy Economics

    10.30am  Morning refreshments and networking break

    11.15am  How are MLPs and midstream companies financing growth? What access to capital do they have?

    • How are MLPs delivering growth - development of projects or acquisitions?
    • What alternative sources of capital do MLPs have?
    • How are small-medium MLPs faring when compared to the big players?
    • What are MLPs doing to improve balance sheets?
    • How are debt restructuring and refinancing being managed?
    1. Heath Deneke, President & Chief Operating Officer, Crestwood Equity Partners LP
    2. Peter Molica, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings
    3. Charles Anderson, Vice President, Client Portfolio Manager, Oppenheimer Funds
    4. Moderator: Jeff Jorgensen, Director of Research, Center Coast Capital Advisors

    12.00pm  Case study: Financing of the Waha-Presidio/ Waha-San Elizario Gas Pipelines

    • Deal outline
    • What challenges were faced whilst financing this pipeline?
    • Can this financial model be applied to more pipeline projects from the US to Mexico?
    1. Christian Hammerbeck, Director, Project Finance (Natural Resources), Mizuho
    2. Dorian Calderon, Head of Latin America Project Finance, Mizuho

    12.30pm  Lunch

    1.45pm  Comparing finance options for the development of midstream infrastructure in Latin America: Who is driving most activity?

    • What are key attributes of successful projects?
    • How do lending terms differ between local and international banks?
    • Who is leading the acquisition of distressed assets? What activity has been seen?
    • What role is private equity playing?
    1. Guillermo Oritz Ayala, Director, Project Finance, MUFG
    2. Dorian Calderon, Head of Latin America Project Finance, Mizuho
    3. Rafael Villergas, Head of Project Finance Latin America, Banco de Sabadell

    2.30pm  Financing Brazil’s pipeline deficit in a challenging environment: What finance options are available to develop midstream infrastructure?

    • Is investment in midstream infrastructure the best way for the oil and gas industry in Brazil to recover? Where is investment likely to come from?
    • What role is private equity playing? Will multilateral guarantees lead to a higher level of private equity involvement?
    • What impact is the downgrading of investment grade ratings likely to have on financing terms?
    • What does the move towards traditional bank lending mean for projects? What terms are banks willing to lend on?
    1. Enrique Bernales, SVP, Head of Oil & Gas, Itau BBA
    2. Moderator: Rolf Schmitz, Managing Director, Head of LAtin America Energy Finance, Scotiabank

    3.15pm  Afternoon refreshments and networking break

    3.45pm  What is the current bank appetite for lending to midstream projects?
    • What kind of projects are banks likely to lend on in this current environment?
    • Tenor vs pricing – what changes are to be expected on new deals?
    • What levels of commodity price risk are banks willing to take on?
    • How much leverage are banks comfortable with?
    • What is the status of the bank market for corporate and project credit facilities?
    1. Sara Pirzada, Executive Director, Mizuho
    2. Duncan Caird, Managing Director, HSBC
    3. James Guidera, Managing Director, Credit Agricole
    4. Moderator: Richard Langberg, Executive Director, Head of Project Finance North America, BBVA
    4.30pm  Private equity plays: Is this the ideal time to acquire midstream assets and diversify portfolios?
    • What opportunities currently exist and what rates of return are expected?
    • How is private equity competing for quality midstream assets?
    • What makes a prospective midstream acquisition attractive in this current climate?
    • Exit strategies: What are the options?
    1. Salim Samaha, Partner, Global Infrastructure Partners
    2. Charles Zabriskie, Partner, Acquest Advisors
    3. Vincent Hahn, Principal, The Carlyle Group
    4. Moderator: Laura Vila, Senior Investment Officer, IFC

    5.15pm Chairperson’s closing remarks

    Agenda day two:

    8.45am Morning refreshments

    9.10am Chairperson’s opening remarks

    9.15am Shifting winds for North American LNG exports: How likely are proposed LNG export projects to reach FID? 
    • Forecasting trends for North American LNG exports for the next 12 months
    • Identifying the types of finance available to LNG export terminals given current market conditions
    • Are LNG projects likely to continue being financed on the same terms?
    • Megaprojects vs smaller facilities: Which projects are likely to get FID over the next year?
    1. Moderator: Lafayette Herring, Senior LNG Consultant, Poten and Partners
    2. Oliver Tuckerman, Director, Strategy & Corporate Development, Cheniere
    3. Michael Proskin, Managing Director, Credit Suisse

    10.00am What levels of investment have flowed into the Mexican midstream infrastructure since the Energy Reforms? What new opportunities are coming up?

    • Who is driving transactions and projects? What issues are arising in these deals?
    • What kind financing are developers accessing?
    • What projects are expected to be announced over the next 12 months? What conditions are likely to be most attractive to draw investment into these projects?
    • How are US private equity and commercial banks delivering cross-border pipeline projects to Mexico under a strong promise of gas imports?
    1. Francisco Salazar, Mexican Chair Committee of the World Energy Council and Former Chair of the Mexican Energy Regulatory Commission
    2. Arturo Vivar, CEO, Monterra Energy
    3. Moderator: Keith Darby, Director, Lummus Consultants
    4. Adi Blum, Managing Director, First Reserve

    10.45am Are FIBRA Es the answer to financing Mexico’s pipeline deficit?

    • What do these new structures entail? How do these differ to the US MLP structure?
    • What role will FIBRA Es play in the development of midstream infrastructure?
    • What level of foreign investment is expected to flow into Mexico under FIBRA Es?
    1. Alejandro Sole, Director of Energy Investments, Artha Capital

    11.15am Refreshments and networking break

    11.45am How are institutional investors offering long-term funding for midstream infrastructure?
    • Taking a closer look at long-term investment strategies and returns expectations of institutional investors
    • What type of projects are most attractive to investors?
    • Assessing the difference in appetite between insurance and pension funds: What terms are deals being made on?
    • How are institutional investors supporting bond markets in Peru and Colombia?
    1. Nick Cleary, Investment Director, Hastings Funds Management
    2. Moderator: Adam Wise, Managing Director, Oil & Gas, John Hancock
    3. Brian Thomas, Managing Director, Prudential Capital Group
    12.30pm Crystal Ball session: What will the next 12 months have in store for the midstream industry?

    • This interactive Q&A session is designed to look into what is next for midstream and to encourage audience participation. This panel gives you the opportunity to ask industry leaders questions that might have been left unanswered in other sessions.
    1. Nicholas Gole, Senior Managing Director, Macquarie Capital
    2. Beatriz Maney, Managing Director, OFSCap
    3. Peter Bowden, Global ead of Midstream Energy Investment Banking, Jefferies
    4. Robert Kimmel, Managing Director, Oil and Gas,  JP Morgan
    1.15pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by lunch and close of conference