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Agenda Overview

Day One: Thursday June 2nd, 2016

8:15am Registration & refreshments

9:00am Chairperson’s opening remarks

9:10am A regulator’s perspective: How has the transition to a wholesale electricity market progressed so far?

  • What lessons can be learned from the first wholesale electricity auction?
  • How can future auction regulation be improved and streamlined for developers?
  • How does CRE intend to work with developers to refine the auction process?
  1. Jesus Serrano Landeros, Commissioner, CRE

9:30am Successful developer participation in the wholesale electricity market

  • What were participants’ experiences in the initial power auction?
  • How can the process can be improved?
  • How can developers and banks most efficiently work together to structure bids at future auctions?
  • What are the post-auction financing alternatives – like mini-perm financing or milestone payments – for developers of new energy projects?
  1. Miguel Ángel Alonso Rubio, Director General, Acciona Energia Mexico
  2. Adrián Katzew, Chief Executive Officer, Zuma Energia
  3. José Antonio Aguilar, Principal, Vive Energia
  4. Mauricio Barreto, Chief Financial Officer, Mexico & Central America, Enel Green Power
  5. Guillermo Ortiz, Director, Project Finance, MUFG
  6. Raquel Bierzwinsky, Partner, Chadbourne & Parke LLP - moderator

10:15am How is the government encouraging investment in Mexican energy infrastructure? A closer look at FIBRA E & CerPI

  • Attracting private investment to energy infrastructure: Will FIBRA E be as successful as MLP legislation in the US?
  • Will CerPI help to facilitate energy infrastructure participation from institutional investors?
  • Are these initiatives transferable to attracting investment outside of energy infrastructure?
  1. Maria del Sol Gonzalez de Cosio, Director, Infrastructure Ratings, Standard & Poor’s
  2. Octavio Ballinas, Director, Investment & Risk, AMAFORE
  3. Fernando Ramones, Investigador, Centro de Investigación Económica y Presupuestaria (CIEP)
  4. Juan Manuel Veron, Chief Investment Officer, Principal Financial Group

11:00am Morning refreshments and networking break

11:30am The new oil & gas landscape: What lessons have been learned from the tenders so far?

  • How are projects awarded in the first tenders progressing, what difficulties do they face and how can they be overcome?
  • Examining how strategic partnerships between Mexican and international developers can be used the deep-water oilfield tenders?
  • How are low oil prices affecting the pricing and tenor of deals on offer at auction and what are the implications for market participants?
  1. Guillermo Ignacio García Alcocer, Head of Policies for Exploration & Extraction of Hydrocarbons, Sener
  2. Alejandro Sole, Director of Energy Investments, Artha Capital

12:20pm Mexico’s Expansion of the Natural Gas Transportation System

  1. David Madero, Director General, CENAGAS

12:40pm Developing midstream infrastructure: An opportunity for investment?

  • How are commercial banks and private equity firms participating in the midstream sector?
  • What financing and investment opportunities will arise as gas importation from the US increases?
  • What challenges arise when structuring a cross-border pipeline financing and how can they be overcome?
  1. Alejandro Villarreal, Director of Energy & Infrastructure Concessions, Arendal
  2. Juan Alberto Leautaud, Head of Infrastructure Mexico, BlackRock
  3. Octavio Berron, Chief Financial Officer, Fermaca
  4. David Madero, Director General, CENAGAS
  5. Cecilia Turriago, Managing Director, Latin America, GE Energy Financial Services
  6. Hector Arangua, Partner, Nader, Hayaux & Goebel – moderator

1:25pm Lunch

2:40pm The impact of government reforms on the attractiveness renewable energy to investors

  • Are the government’s green energy goals achievable and what are the implications for the renewable energy sector?
  • How and where are foreign investors getting involved in the Mexican renewables sector?
  • What is the appetite amongst private equity firms for involvement in Mexican renewables?
  • What opportunities are there for private companies to act as offtakers for new renewables projects?
  1. Hector Olea, President & Chief Executive Officer, Gauss Energia
  2. Adrian Escofet, Chief Executive Officer, Zapoteca de Energia & Chairman, AMDEE
  3. Alejandro Violante, Senior Advisor, USRG Mexico Fund
  4. Carlos Barrera, Vice President & Managing Director, LatAm, SunEdison
  5. Erica Ehst, Director, Renewable and Clean Energy Finance, OPIC - moderating

3:20pm Attracting foreign infrastructure investment: Lessons from elsewhere in Latin America

  • How has financing infrastructure in dollars attracted foreign investment in Peru and Colombia?
  • Would financing infrastructure in dollars attract foreign investment to Mexico?
  • Could Peru’s Commission for the Suppression of Bureaucratic Barriers be replicated in Mexico and how would such a move streamline Mexican infrastructure PPPs?
  1. Pablo Lutereau, Managing Director & Analytical Manager, Infrastructure Ratings, Standard & Poor's
  2. Carlos Isorna, Vice President, Macquarie Infrastructure & Real Assets

4:00pm Afternoon refreshments and networking break

4:20pm Energy, infrastructure and the capital markets

  • Project bonds in Mexican project finance: How have they been used up until now, and how will this change?
  • How can local bond issuance be used to benefit Mexican project developers?
  • What innovative project financing solutions are on offer from commercial banks? What are their tenors and limits?
  • How can securitization of project finance assets be used to achieve long-term funding for energy and infrastructure development?
  1. Rubén Camiro, Socio, Alea Capital S.C.
  2. Arturo Olvera, Socio Director, MTH Capital

5:10pm Why have Mexican PPPs been slow to deliver and how can they be made more attractive to investors?

  • What role does the Mexican government see for PPPs and for other private finance initiatives in delivering infrastructure projects?
  • How has private-sector finance been successfully deployed in projects at the state and municipal level?
  • Does FX risk deter foreign investors from Mexican PPPs and how can this be overcome?
  • How and where might recent regulatory reforms increase the attractiveness of PPPs?
  1. Jorge Moguel, Chief Infrastructure Officer, GIA
  2. Astra Castillo, Director, Mexican Project Finance, Fitch Ratings

6:00pm Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception

DAY TWO: Friday June 3rd, 2016

8:30am Refreshments & Networking

9:00am Chairperson’s opening remarks

9:10am Opportunities for investment in Mexican transport infrastructure

  • Where are opportunities for private involvement in transport infrastructure?
  • How are transport projects in Mexico being financed?
  • What solutions are being provided in the capital markets for the financing of toll-road concessions?
  • Does ICA’s change in focus present opportunities to other developers and investors?
  1. Jorge Parra, Chief Financial Officer, Red de Carreteras de Occidente
  2. Diana Muñozcano, Vice President, Infrastructure, Grupo Indi
  3. Guillermo Fonseca, Chief Financial Officer, EXI CKD

9:50am Financing the renewables take-off in Mexico: Different lenders’ perspectives 

  • Are Mexican renewable projects attracting more interest from local or international banks?
  • Does participation from multilaterals in renewable projects make commercial debt easier to access?
  • How are terms and tenors for Mexican renewable energy debt evolving in the current credit environment?
  1. Andres Garcia-Novel, Principal Investment Officer, IFC
  2. Stefan Blum, Director, DEG
  3. Eduardo Andrade, Sacyr

10:40pm Case Study: The New Mexico City International Airport:

  • What challenges were faced in structuring the initial $3bn revolving loan and how were they overcome?
  • What are the medium- and long-term financing needs and how will they be met?
  • How can the methods used on the financing be transferred to smaller Mexican infrastructure projects?
  • What plans are in place for subsidiary infrastructure projects? How will these be financed?
  • What opportunities will access roads and other subsidiary infrastructure projects provide to investors?

11:20am Morning refreshments and networking break

11:40am Private sector investment in the modernisation of Mexico’s healthcare infrastructure

  • How is private capital being utilised in healthcare infrastructure?
  • What plans are in place to update Mexican healthcare infrastructure?
  • What opportunities does the project pipeline present to developers and investors?
  • What role is there for foreign lenders in Mexican social infrastructure? Is this the realm of local banks, given that revenue is in pesos?
  1. Luis Márquez Piñuela, Director of Concessions & Operations, GIA

12:20pm Export finance in Mexican energy & infrastructure

  • How can ECA’s be integrated into financing to make Mexican projects bankable?
  • Taking on merchant and greenfield risk: how can ECAs and DFIs fill a void left by commercial banks?
  • What opportunities have TPP and the Pacific Alliance opened up to Mexican developers and what effect do they have on export finance?
  • What are the implications of structuring a US$ financing under Mexican law?
  1. Alfonso A. Rodríguez Noriega, ECA & Trade Finance, Pemex
  2. Jenaro Laris Vazquez, Head of Office, Mexico and Central America, SACE
  3. Sean Emmond, Regional Manager, Mexico, EDC
  4. Farooq Malik, Officer, Energy & Infrastructure Finance, North American Development Bank

1:00pm Closing remarks followed by lunch and close of the conference