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Agenda Overview

Conference day: Tuesday, September 13, 2016

8:30AM Registration and coffee
9:00AM Chairman’s opening remarks
Matthieu Pirouelle, Director – Asia, Xpand Group
Charles Ng, Associate Director-General, Invest Hong Kong
9:10AM Keynote: Banking on the blockchain
Masato Kaneda, Joint General Manager, Mizuho
9:40AM Panel discussion: Where have blockchains and broader FinTech already benefited operations and where is the next likely fit?
  • This panel will take a look at where blockchains and FinTech have been applied in financial services and where it can be applied in the future. It will also discuss the current challenges and risks, if any, in implementation of new technologies.
    • What is the current status of technology and where is the inefficiencies?
    • Cost of making the change?
    • Vendor partnerships?
Moderator: Pindar Wong, Chairman, VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd
Abraham Tachjian, Legal Counsel, Global Financial Institution
Dave Chapman, Co-founder and COO, ANX International
Itai Damti, Ceo, Asia Pacific, Leverate
Or Perelman, Co-founder and COO, ChromaWay
10:30AM Networking coffee break
11:00AM Hong Kong’s regulatory environment for FinTech and Blockchain
  • As a leader in the Capital Markets in Asia, it would be natural for Hong Kong to develop into a FinTech hub. While, Hong Kong’s government has stated their support for the development of startups and FinTech, how has the regulations and policies driven that development and what changes should be implemented to support growth?
Moderator: Janos Barberis, Founder, Fintech Hong Kong
Lukas Petrikas, Senior Vice President, Group Strategy, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd
Adam Vaziri, Director, Diacle
Duncan Wong, Vice President of Financial Technologies, ASTRI
11:55AM Pass the mic: What applications of blockchains have got you excited?

30 minute open floor discussion where everyone present can share their thoughts on what out there is exciting them in the blockchain space.

Moderator: Alex Medana, CEO, FinFabrik
12:25PM Lunch

Stream A

2:00PM Workshop: How Can Blockchain Assets Transform Financial Markets?
2:30PM Workshop: Integration of blockchain applications with current financial infrastructure workshop:
Kunal Nandwani, Founder and CEO, uTrade Solutions
3:00PM Development of FinTech in emerging markets vs. mature markets
  • 4 blockchain applications, 2 from emerging and 2 from mature markets, will present for 10 minutes each on how they focused on their clients.
    • What worked and what didn’t work?
    • What were the inefficiencies from banks that led them to the design?
Kunal Nandwani, Founder and CEO, uTrade Solutions
Andrew Keys, Enterprise Business Development & Strategy, ConsenSys
Anson Zeall, Co-founder, CEO, CoinPip
4:15PM The Blockchain startup demos

Each startup will showcase their product and give a brief summary on how the blockchain enables it to work. Products could potentially include payment systems, remittance, equity transactions, electronic bond trading, clearing, settlements and more.

Or Perelman, Co-founder and COO, ChromaWay
Jason Lau, Director of Business Development, OKLink

Stream B

2:00PM Automating contractual law – enter Smart contracts!
  • The idea of “Smart contracts” have been around for decades, but there hasn’t been a system that could facilitate it till the Blockchain.
    • What will need to be done in the legal sense to get Smart contracts ready for implementation?
    • How will security and enforcement of Smart contracts be implemented?
    • What are the potential hurdles in translating legal language to programming code?
    • Will there be room for interpretation and could “Mixed contracts” solve that?
Nolan Bauerle, Instigator, Skuchain
2:30PM Can Asia be the FinTech/blockchain VC and growth investment destination?
  • Is Asia starting to present opportunities to invest?
  • What are the differences between the innovations in the west vs Asia?
  • Are blockchain technologies something investors are looking out for?
  • What is needed to get investment?
  • What are recent examples of successful ventures?
Moderator: Matthieu Pirouelle, Director – Asia, Xpand Group
Brent Xu, Director of Enterprise - Head of Structured Finance, ConsenSys
Collin Thompson, Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Intrepid Ventures
3:00PM Should banks develop or acquire blockchain technology for their business?
  • Most banks seem to have made the decision to collaborate with startups to develop blockchain technology. However, sometimes it makes better sense to acquire solutions from a financial or even a talent standpoint.
    • What does it take to develop innovative tech services for the industry?
    • What are the criteria in choosing which platform to use?
    • How do you develop for scale?
Moderator: Adam Vaziri, Director, Diacle
Jean-Marie Mognetti, Co-Principal, Head of Trading & Operations, Global Advisors (Jersey) Limited
Peter Stephens, Regulatory & APAC CTO, UBS AG
Jack C Liu, Co-Creator & Chief Strategy Officer, OKLink
James Slazas, Head of Capital Markets, ConsenSys
4:15PM KYC on the blockchain
3:45PM Afternoon networking coffee break