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Agenda Overview

Day One: Thursday, July 13, 2017

8:00AM Registration & refreshments
8:45AM Chairperson’s opening remarks
9:00AM Keynote presentation: The role of the Canadian Infrastructure Bank in the Federal Government’s broader plan for infrastructure investment
  • Identifying the bank’s target borrowers: How will projects be prioritised? What will the pilot projects be?
  • Whether as a lender or equity player, how will the bank avoid stepping on the toes of private players?
  • With a rumoured bias towards revenue-risk over availability payments, will the bank facilitate the introduction of a new type of project to Canada?
  • How will existing federal bodies, like PPP Canada, fit into the new landscape?
  • Revamped infrastructure as a catalyst for wider economic improvement: Exploring the rationale behind increased infrastructure spending
Glenn Campbell, Assistant Deputy Minister, Canada Infrastructure Bank Transition Office, Infrastructure Canada
9:30AM Exploring the Canadian infrastructure landscape through the grantor’s lens

Representatives from major provincial grantors and PPP agencies gather onstage to discuss the trends they are seeing and challenges they face

  • Outlining the project pipeline
  • Current revenue & budgetary challenges
  • Evolving attitudes to risk allocation
  • Making it happen: Where can partners add value?
  • Determining factors at the bid stage
Divya Shah, Senior Vice President, Transaction Finance, Infrastructure Ontario
Teresa Florizone, Vice President of Corporate Services & CFO, SaskBuilds
Mark Liedemann, President & CEO, Partnerships British Columbia
10:15AM Morning refreshments & networking break
11:00AM Procurer’s roundtables

Meet and greet infrastructure project grantors; from federal, provincial and municipal bodies
*Grantor representatives come to your table, you swap business cards and they speak for 10 minutes. You then have 20 minutes to ask questions, before they move onto the next table and you meet the next speaker*

Moderator: William Kloehn, CEO, North America, JCRA
12:30PM Lunch & networking break
2:00PM Entrants breaking into new sectors of the Canadian infrastructure market: Overcoming incumbent advantage at the bid stage
  • How do new sponsors and developers differentiate themselves from established competitors?
  • Leveraging experience gained in infrastructure development in other geographies
  • How important is it for market entrants to partner with experienced domestic players when bidding for projects?
  • To what degree is sponsor repetition in deals reducing competitive tension? Are there concrete examples of this being detrimental to Canadian projects?
Mark Mulvihill, Vice President of Business Development, ACCIONA
Lal Wanniappa, Senior Advisor, Independent Consultant
2:45PM First Nations development: Putting structures in place to effectively address the infrastructure deficit
  • What is the Federal Government doing to make finance more readily available for First Nations?
  • What framework is the private sector looking for in order to accept risks with building major infrastructure on reserve?
  • Assessing template deals and project bundling as strategies to make sponsoring and financing First Nations deals worthwhile
  • How can the Canadian Infrastructure Bank facilitate infrastructure investment in indigenous communities?
Sarah Bird, Partner, Borden Ladner Gervais LLP
3:15PM Afternoon refreshments & networking break
3:45PM Re-examining the capital structure in PPP projects: Debating the pros and cons of 100% equity versus 100% debt financing
  • An appraisal of the wide-equity model and its relevance in a market characterised by low borrowing rates
  • How would a PPP government grantor view an equity wide model? Could it pass value for money criteria?
  • To what degree can the equity component in the capital stack be reduced without introducing too much operating leverage risk?
  • Issuers in the US municipal bond market utilize 100% debt financing: What are the benefits, drawbacks, and transferability to Canada  
  • At current costs of capital, where is the happy medium?
4:30PM Identifying, assessing and mitigating risks faced by sponsors and financiers of infrastructure projects

A 15 minute presentation using case studies to highlight the different risks faced by infrastructure projects in Canada, leading into a 30 minute panel discussion:

  • Examining the importance rating agencies place upon different risks throughout a project’s lifecycle
  • Construction versus operational project risk: Does reaching operation really mean the risky business is done?
  • The potential impact of macro risk on infrastructure projects, including political change on a provincial, national, and global stage
  • How are sponsors effectively insuring against project-specific and macro risk?
Paul Hughes, Senior Director, Infrastructure and Contract Solutions, Altus Group
Quynh H Tran, Director, Public and Infrastructure Finance North America, SMBC
Vicente Maraña, Executive VP Project Development, ACS Infrastructure Canada
Scott Zuchorski, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings
5:15PM Chairperson's closing remarks followed by drinks reception and end of Day One

Day Two: Friday, July 14, 2017

8:30AM Morning refreshments
8:50AM Chairperson’s opening remarks
9:00AM Urban transit: A juggernaut driving investment in the Canadian infrastructure sector

9.00am Metrolinx presentation

  • Examining the schedule for pipeline projects and exploring the body’s relationship with Infrastructure Ontario
  • Regional Express Rail: How are Metrolinx, Infrastructure Ontario and developers preparing for rail electrification to hit Canada?
  • How has foreign expertise in rail electrification been utilised by Metrolinx? What levels of interest have foreign companies shown in the project?

9.20am Panel discussion

  • Addressing concerns over market capacity: Can sponsors, contractors, creditors and others provide the supply to match the demand in transit
  • Identifying the role of municipalities in transit project planning, procurement and financing
  • Weighing up the pros and cons of debt structure standardisation and commoditisation for the different stakeholders in a deal
  • Who is responsible for procurement of vehicles? What restrictions apply in terms of vehicle providers?
Charles Halasz, Senior Technical Director, Parsons
Sany Zein, Vice President, Infrastructure Management and Engineering, TransLink
Robert Shouldice, Partner, BLG
Danny Giacomel, Vice President, Ellisdon Capital, Ellisdon Corporation
10:00AM Furthering pension fund involvement in domestic infrastructure: How can it be done, and how necessary is their capital in a well-served market?
  • Which deal sizes and asset types are currently being focused on by Canadian pension funds?
  • To what extent is the Canadian market more suitable to smaller domestic pension fund investment? How are smaller funds currently involved?
  • Assessing the ability of the Canadian Infrastructure Bank and potential airport privatisation to facilitate increased involvement from the larger funds
  • How attractive is the Canadian market to US pension funds? And how does their investment mandate differ from funds North of the border?
Derron Bain, Managing Director, Concert Ifnrastructure
10:45AM Morning refreshments & networking break
11:15AM Frontiers for Canadian PPP: Looking to the Northern and Eastern provinces as new destinations for the public-private model
  • Exploring opportunities provided by ports along the Northwest passage and linear routes to commodities in the North
  • What plans are in place for PPP development in the Atlantic Provinces? Why is now the ideal time for its introduction?
  • Focus on the Nunavut/Partnerships BC relationship: How can less experienced provinces and territories utilise relationships with established procurement bodies?
  • Scrutinising risks specific to PPP development in new areas, and determining how they can be mitigated
Stephen Lindley, Vice President, Aboriginal and Northern Affairs, SNC-Lavalin
Brian Ward, Director of Major Infrastructure, Government of Nova Scotia
Diane Saurette, Executive Director Finance And Strategic Capital And Infrastructure Planning, Dept. of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal
Eiryn Devereaux, Assistant Deputy Minister, Infrastructure, Government of Nunavut
12:00PM Oxford-style debate

Motion: ‘This house believes that the privatisation of Canadian airports is a necessary step on the road to improved national infrastructure’

The debate will be preceded by a vote to determine the audience’s opinions on this current and divisive motion. Two teams (one for the motion, and one against) will then have the opportunity to argue their case and contest their opposition’s claims. After the audience has had a chance to ask questions, each side will provide their closing remarks before a second vote when the winner of the debate will announced

12:45PM Assessing the liquidity of the secondary market as more and more projects reach operation
  • What is the pipeline of projects reaching the operational phase, and can it satisfy secondary market investors?
  • Conversely, how deep is the investor base for contractors looking to recycle assets once the operational phase of projects has been reached?
  • Is simply reaching the operational phase enough to entice secondary market investors? Or is a track record of successful operation required?
  • Addressing creditor concerns regarding buyouts by equity investors with limited experience of operating projects
Eric Lieder, Senior Vice President, Finance, Hochtief PPP Solutions North America
Jahred Kallop, Investment Director, Star America Infrastructure Partners
1:30PM Closing remarks followed by lunch & close of the conference