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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Wednesday, March 8, 2017

8:30AM Registration & Refreshments
9:00AM Chairman´s Opening Remarks & Introductions
9:10AM Interactive Data Presentation: What will happen in export & agency finance in 2017-20?
  • Trade Finance sets the context for the day’s discussion with a presentation of data drawn from the Trade Finance Analytics Database to provide insight and analysis on trends in export and ECA finance. Audience voting will take place throughout the session to explore the industry’s views on the challenges and opportunities indicated by the data
9:40AM Session 1: Markets
  • What countries might challenge Indonesia´s, India´s and China’s positions in export and agency finance in Asia? Will export and agency finance deals pick up with the new governments in the Philippines and in Myanmar? What are the implications of the US elections, or other exogenous factors, on multilateral trade agreements like TPP, and for Asia Pacific export and agency finance? What are the implications of China having to move from economic growth fuelled by its internal economy to an export-driven economy?
Moderator: Dane Chamorro, Senior Partner, Head of ASEAN, Control Risks
Michael Barrow, Director General, Private Sector Operations Department, ADB
Samuel Ang, Head Global Lng & Shipping Credit, Head Credit & Trade Finance Ap/Me, Shell Eastern Trading (Pte) Ltd.
Pascal Serre, Regional Treasury & Structured Finance, Nokia Asia Pacific Japan
10:40AM Coffee & Networking Break
11:00AM Session 2: Assets
  • What are likely to be the benchmark ECA-backed deals of 2017? With a surge in coal prices, better than forecast iron ore prices and a bottoming in oil, will commodities-linked deals be resurrected in 2017? How will developments in telecoms drive demand for finance in the next two years? How to reconcile renewables with Asian coal-fired power and should ECAs pull back from the coal-fired market? What is the impact of Hanjin Shipping´s bankruptcy on the shipping industry and how are banks and exporters/importers dealing with it?
Susanne With, External Relations Manager, Corporate Communications, EKN
Robert Wallin, Executive Director, Customer Financing Solutions Department, Huawei
Yasukazu Irino, Head of Singapore Office and Chief Representative for Asia and Oceania, NEXI
Tuukka Andersén, Vice President, Head of Underwriting, Large Corporates, Export Credit Guarantees, Finnvera
12:00PM The Trade and Export Finance Auction – a selection of neoclassical and modernist deals that would look good in any banker’s collection
  • A selection of past (neoclassical) and current deals (modernist) will be auctioned at different tenors and pricing. Participants will be given a catalogue prior to the event outlining risks, market, strength of borrower etc. Winners will be those who get nearest to what the neoclassical deals closed at, or in the case of current offerings, what the borrower is looking for. All the results from the current offerings will be forwarded to the potential borrower.
12:50PM Networking Lunch
2:00PM Session 3: China
  • What impact will China´s Belt and Road initiative have on trade in Asia? What countries are expected to be China´s key investment targets? How much capital will Chinese commercial banks commit to Belt and Road projects and export and agency deals? What big ticket deals are going to be backed by China´s ECAs in 2016? Will China EXIM shift its import focus toward exports? How have changes in Sinosure´s policy affected the ability of international banks to participate in Sinosure deals?
3:00PM Session 4: Forex & Local Currency Funding
  • How is currency volatility shaping the financial aspect of ECA backed deals? What combinations of USD and local currency tranches do borrowers prefer? How are domestic banks going to be involved in future export and agency deals? What initiatives are ECAs and DFIs taking to raise more local currency for on-lending and what are the costs or borrowing implications?
John Groesbeek, Head Syndications Asia, International Finance Corporation
Martin van Leeuwen, Director International Financing Asia, Thales Asia Holdding
Adrian Lembong, Director of Technology, PT Adaro Power
4:00PM Coffee & Networking Break
4:25PM Champagne Session: ECA Financing
  • What appetite do commercial banks have for deals without ECA support? How would pricing of deals change without ECA direct lending? Would banks in Asia be able to finance deals by themselves or is an ECA tranche still needed? What tenors can commercial banks provide without ECA support? Would shorter due diligence process outweigh the increase in pricing? Why has the ECA-covered project bond market not taken off? Is there room for the development of Asian Islamic ECA-covered financing?
Adolfo Dindo Abueg, Co-Head Project Finance, Asia Pacific, Korea Development Bank
Kah Jin Khoo, Head of Structured Trade Credit and Political Risk Insurance, Export-Import Bank of Malaysia Berhad
Pedro Novo, Head of the Export Branch, BPIFrance
Michal Ron, Head of International Business, SACE SpA
5:30PM Closing Remarks
5:35PM Cocktail Reception
7:30PM Dinner & Trade Finance Awards Asia Pacific