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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Monday, December 11, 2017

8:15AM Registration and refreshments
8:55AM Chairperson’s Opening remarks
Nigel Holness, Managing Director, Jamaica Opco, FirstCaribbean International Bank (Jamaica) Limited
9:00AM Welcoming Keynote remarks
Hon. David Burt, JP, MP, Premier and Minister of Finance, Bermuda
Honourable Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance and Public Service, Government of Jamaica
9:15AM Heads of Government Panel

Heads of state and senior cabinet officials discuss respective national priorities and agendas for infrastructure.  The panel will consider the use of national infrastructure plans as a means to develop public consensus and investor confidence. Participants will share views on the impact of shifting political sands in the Americas and how investment in the region is being affected, as well as strategies for incorporating climate resilience and adaptation into planning.

Hon. David Burt, JP, MP, Premier and Minister of Finance, Bermuda
Hon. Sharlene Cartwright-Robinson, Premier, Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands
Stephen Beatty, Global Infrastructure Leader For The Americas, KPMG
10:00AM Stimulating the Caribbean infrastructure pipeline – Part 1: The public sector’s role in enabling infrastructure investment

-How can governments and public sector institutions encourage inward investment through P3 projects?

-How do public sector decision makers view the risks and rewards of P3 projects?

-Considering the various toolkits currently in place, what PPP successes have been achieved? Are they really the best tool to get projects done?

-Outlook for the project pipeline as more governments are considering PPPs to develop assets and move forward with stalled projects

-What new tools are available to help governments complete due diligence and advance the pipeline?

Moderator: Stephen Beatty, Global Infrastructure Leader For The Americas, KPMG
Devon L Rowe, Executive Director, Caribbean Centre for Development Administration
S. Brian Samuel, Head, Regional Public-Private Partnerships, Caribbean Development Bank
David Ehrhardt, Chief Executive, Castalia Advisors
Jerry C Butler, Executive Director, Caribbean, Inter-American Development Bank
10:45AM Morning refreshments and networking
11:15AM Stimulating the Caribbean infrastructure pipeline – Part 2: Infrastructure investors and developers’ view on the future of the Caribbean infrastructure and P3 market

-Perspective of infrastructure investors and developers as to how barriers to investment can be eliminated

-Discussion on key enablers and lessons learned in Caribbean P3s

-What makes a project attractive to investors, including capex and project profile?

-Assessing relationships with new international sources of finance, such as Chinese development capital, and how these relationships are evolving in the region

-What solutions, such as bundling, can be pursued to attract investment?

-Private equity perspectives on investor and sovereign risk in the region and strategies for mitigation

-Could dedicated infrastructure funds make sense for Caribbean infrastructure investments?

Moderator: Laurie Mahon, Vice-Chair US Investment Banking, Global Investment Banking, CIBC Capital Markets
Doug Hewson, Partner, Portland Private Equity
Laura Andersen, Program Director, Global Energy Group, OPIC
Ernie Briard, Vice President, Corporate Services and Chief Financial Officer, Canadian Commercial Corporation
Andrew Lee, Managing Director & Head US Debt Capital Markets, CIBC World Markets
David Roger Delaire, Managing Director, MPC Renewable Energies GmbH
12:15PM LNG panel: Assessing outlook for LNG demand (industrial sector, power generation, cruise vessel refueling)

-What is the vision of governments and utilities for incorporating LNG into the energy matrix?

-What has been the JPS experience in Montego Bay and what lessons can be drawn from their experience?

-Discussion on associated infrastructure development and financing opportunities

-What is the long-term outlook for LNG in the region? Transition fuel or long-term solution?

-How do we anticipate that the political situation in the US will impact the availability of cheap gas?

-Case Study discussion: Old Harbour Bay and LNG, Jamaica

Moderator: Gillian Charles-Gollop, Executive Director, Corporate Investment Banking & Advisory, CIBC FirstCaribbean
Sean Lalani, President, Eagle LNG Partners
Joseph Williams, Svp Generation, JPS
1:00PM Lunch
2:15PM Airports: Are P3s creating a competitive advantage for islands?

-Analyzing the comparative performance of various airport models considering the broad spectrum of airport financing and operational models currently being engaged or assessed in the region

-Understanding the challenges and use of P3s for airports with less than 1.0 million passengers annually. 

-Which PPP delivery models are most appropriate and what does a balanced PPP structure look like for Caribbean airports from both the government and investor perspective?

-Discussion on predicted traffic and impact on operational costs long-term

-Assessing the project pipeline for airports: Update on Norman Manley, L.F. Wade International Airport Redevelopment Project in Bermuda, Bahamas Family Islands Airport PPP, Aruba Airport project

Audley Deidrick, President & CEO, Airports Authority of Jamaica
Lester Nelson, Ceo, Bermuda Airport Authority
Leonard Mazlish, Managing Director, Cigna Investments
David Pratt, Vice President, Leighfisher Canada Inc
Michelle Ottey, Senior Investment Officer, IFC
3:00PM Creating value through effective procurement

-The fundamentals of good procurement and the pitfalls to avoid

-Balancing transparency and competitive tension in procurement of government assets

-Developing appropriate models for valuation of assets, and

Maximizing the value of unsolicited bids

Denise Arana, General Manager - PPP and Privatisation Services, Development Bank of Jamaica Limited
James F. Campbell, PPP Project Director, Bermuda Airport Authority
Lori Rockhead, Leader Public Sector and Infrastructure, KPMG Advisory Limited
3:30PM Port and logistics infrastructure in the Caribbean: Comparative performance and funding options

-Opportunities in the pipeline for ports and related logistical infrastructure

-Assessing the outlook for long-term regional transport dynamics. How will governments align their infrastructure strategies?

-The use of concessionaires for ports and funding through user fees: Which modalities are most appropriate?

-Case Study: Kingston Port Terminal and Bahamas Arawak Port

Moderator: Laurie Mahon, Vice-Chair US Investment Banking, Global Investment Banking, CIBC Capital Markets
Professor Fritz Pinnock, President, Caribbean Maritime University
Olivier Tretout, CEO, Kingston Freeport Terminal Limited
Michael Maura, Jr, President/Chief Executive Officer, Arawak Port Development Ltd
4:15PM Afternoon refreshments and networking

STREAM B: New Approaches to the Financing & Construction of Resilient Infrastructure in the Caribbean

5:15PM Risk assessment and management solutions for the Caribbean

-Resources to assess the potential impact of climate related events and determine appropriate risk management strategies (Caribbean Climate Online Risk and Adaptation Tool (CCORAL)

-What risk mitigation solutions are available for climate vulnerable developments?

-Reducing the protection gap through optimizing public and private sector risk management programs

-CAT bonds and ILS products in the Caribbean

-How can claims be better managed to expedite redevelopment?

-Business continuity is more than a tech issue. How can hotelier and jurisdictions rebuild their tourism and leisure infrastructure?

4:45PM Financing water, wastewater and irrigation projects: Innovative funding solutions to support a revenue-challenged sector

-With water development projects critical to growth across the region, how can water, wastewater and irrigation projects be funded and what role can the private sector play?

-What is the potential of new smart technologies to improve performance results for public utilities?

-How are smart technologies transforming the way infrastructure is built and operated in the Caribbean and what are the implications for investors?

-Determining long-term planning strategies for island utilities and required investment

Moderator: David Ehrhardt, Chief Executive, Castalia Advisors
Wilson Pearce, Executive Vice-President, Local Governance & Economic Development, Cowater Sogema
Hon. David Burch, JP, MP, Minister - Ministry Of Public Works, Government of Bermuda
Mark F Tippett, Founder And President, North Star Development, LTD
Mark Barnett, President, National Water Commission Jamaica
5:30PM Prioritizing climate resilience in infrastructure planning

-To what extent is resilience factored into the financing and construction of infrastructure projects across the region today?

-Lessons learned from the 2017 hurricane season: Do governments’ priorities need to shift in order to become more resilient in the face of climate change?

-Understanding the design and technological tools available to Caribbean nations to develop resilient infrastructure and further incorporate climate adaptation and resilience into planning

-How can donor organizations and development agencies assist island governments in their efforts to build resilience?

Monica La Bennett, Vice President, Operations, Caribbean Development Bank
Timothy Effio, Market Director, Latin America & Caribbean, AES Storage
Dr. Parris Lyew-Ayee, Director, Mona GeoInformatics Institute, University of the West Indies
Adam Borison, Sr. Vice President, Nathan
Matthew Perks, CEO, New Energy Events LLC
6:15PM Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by drinks reception
Nigel Holness, Managing Director, Jamaica Opco, FirstCaribbean International Bank (Jamaica) Limited

Day 2: Tuesday, December 12, 2017

9:00AM Morning refreshments
9:30AM Chairperson’s opening remarks
Simon Townend, Partner, Advisory, KPMG Bahamas & Head of Advisory KPMG Islands Group
Michael Lee-Chin, President and Chairman, Portland Holdings
Simon Townend, Partner, Advisory, KPMG Bahamas & Head of Advisory KPMG Islands Group
9:35AM Keynote Address
Michael Lee-Chin, President and Chairman, Portland Holdings
10:00AM Transitioning to utilities-driven renewable development: What does this shift imply for the pipeline and what are the associated opportunities for financing?

-With utilities taking on a larger role in driving renewable energy development, how will the pipeline be impacted?

-How does this shift fit with NDC commitments and national energy planning and investment across the region?

-To achieve renewable energy ambitions across the region, what baseload/non-baseload energy projects are in the pipeline? 

-What structures are most appropriate to attract private capital, considering the small scale of projects?

-What developments in transmission infrastructure are required to allow for integration?

-Assessing the potential for regional connection and other strategies to make projects more bankable

-How are storage solutions impacting the island energy matrix and the cost of generation for utilities and what are the implications for customers?

-How does the need for storage impact investment in intermittent renewables?

Moderator: Jermaine Deans, Deputy General Manager, JN Fund Managers Limited
Bruce Levy, President and CEO, BMR Energy Ltd
Fitzroy Vidal, Principle Director, Energy, Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology
Robert Blenker, President & CEO, WRB Energy
Emanuel DaRosa, President & Ceo, JPS
Winston Watson, Group General Manager, PCJ
11:00AM Morning refreshments and networking
11:30AM New models for affordable healthcare which result in improved health outcomes

-Benefits of using competitive procurement to reduce overseas healthcare costs across island jurisdictions

-Using capitation and other health outcome forms of remuneration, as part of improving healthcare results while managing costs

-Redeveloping or replacing healthcare infrastructure to meet the needs of aging populations

Dr. Mark Britnell, Chairman, Healthcare, Government and Infrastructure, KPMG Global
Dr. Chandy Abraham, Ceo And Head Medical Services, Health City Cayman Islands
Tawanna Wedderburn, Chief Executive Officer, Bermuda Health Council
12:15PM The tourism and infrastructure connection

-For most regional islands, tourism is the largest or second largest industry and without infrastructure there is no tourism industry. Without a tourism industry, there is no funding for infrastructure. Do islands see the big picture?

-How are regional tourism authorities transforming tourism results using data and analytics?

-Large infrastructure projects in small island communities need public and private sectors to partner in some way. Highlighting examples of successful partnerships in tourism related infrastructure

-How can private and public sector partners optimize the benefits of these partnerships?

Isabel de Caires, Associate Director, Investment Banking, CIBC FirstCaribbean
Gary Brough, Head of Tourism and Leisure Practice Lead, KPMG Islands Group Ltd
1:00PM Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by closing lunch
Simon Townend, Partner, Advisory, KPMG Bahamas & Head of Advisory KPMG Islands Group