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Agenda Overview

Argentinian Energy & Infrastructure Finance Forum: Thursday, June 28, 2018

8:15AM Registrations and refreshments
9:00AM Chairperson’s welcoming remarks
Martin Javier Duhart, Principal Investment Officer, IDB Invest
9:15AM Keynote: Strengthening frameworks and attracting investment through PPPs
  • As the first PPP’s get underway, what is being done to further strengthen the frameworks surrounding PPP regulation and implementation of contracts?
  • Expectations for long-term investment in key sectors via PPPs: Is this vision feasible?
  • What guarantees are the government providing to get projects completed?  How are inherent risks being mitigated?
  • Outlook for the pipeline in roads, water, energy and social infrastructure. What specific challenges are present in the PPP frameworks for each sector?
  • Lessons learnt from international PPP successes and failures
José Luis Morea, Undersecretary of Public Private Participation, Ministry of Finance, Argentina
9:45AM Keynote Address: Energy – Looking ahead to RenovAR 3
  • Next steps in the effort to achieve 20% renewables by 2025: Identifying and resolving shortcomings in past auctions and expectations for RenovAR 3
  • What guarantees are being offered to incentivize private sector participation and completion of projects across the energy space
  • Updating energy infrastructure: Considering the outcomes of transmission lines auctions, what is the strategy for financing and constructing these projects? How much will come from private money?
  • What will be the long-term impact on renewables development once these lines are built?
Sebastian Kind, Undersecretary, Ministry of Energy, Argentina
10:15AM Financing Argentina’s ambitions: Lender and Investor perspective
  • What is the future of projecting financing in Argentina?
  • Perspective on the PPP program: Is there enough financing available for all awarded projects? What is international appetite? What further steps are required to increase investor confidence and attract investment?
  • How is the participation of international commercial lenders, local banks, and multilaterals developing for PPPs and energy projects?
  • What guarantees are available to incentivize projects and how can these be improved?
  • How large of a role will capital markets play in funding projects and how are project bonds being structured?
  • How can the participation of foreign funds be facilitated?
Moderator: Maria Paula Moreno, Senior Director, Structured Finance, Fitch Ratings
Martin Javier Duhart, Principal Investment Officer, IDB Invest
Jose Mestres, Director, Patria Investmentos
Andrew Eckhardt, Vice President, KfW IPEX-Bank
Jorge Sodano, Director Client Services TCS, TMF Trust Company (Argentina) S.A
Federico Robin, Executive Director, Head of Structured Finance, Santander Rio
Maximo Razetti, Vice President, Citi
11:15AM Morning refreshments and networking
11:45AM Analyzing results from the highway PPP tenders: Debating challenges to financing and defining a ‘successful’ financial close
  • Assessing results from the road tenders: Profile of successful bids
  • What are the main challenges to structuring these financings? Will financial close deadlines be met?
  • What solutions are being considered to access sufficient financing and from what sources?
  • Expectations of interest from international capital markets for Argentine project bonds. How large a role will project bonds play in the corridor financings?
  • What lessons can be taken from this first round of tenders as we look towards the next PPP round?
Moderator: Gustavo Bazzan, Editor, Diario Clarin
Emiliano Bizzari, Director Nacional de Proyectos de Transporte, Comunicaciones y Tecnología, Ministerio de Finanzas Argentina
Juan Manuel Campana, Director General de Ingeniería, Vialidad Nacional
Eduardo Holgado, Vice President, Goldman Sachs
Roberto O. Cuevas Molina, Director Financiero, Rovella Carranza
12:30PM City on the move - An interview with Ministry of Urban Development and Transport, Government of the City of Buenos Aires
  • Survey of upcoming projects in Buenos Aires, such as subway, urban developments, real estate, etc.
  • Understanding the investment opportunities available
Franco Moccia, Minister Of Urban Development And Transport, , Government of the City of Buenos Aires
Matías López Figueroa, Partner, Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi
1:00PM Networking Lunch
2:00PM Assessing the commercial viability of RenovAR projects: What are the main challenges to financing and how can they be overcome?
  • Experiences from the winning projects in the first rounds. How is financing structured what challenges have been faced in the process?
  • Implementing best practices for renewables in order to access broader sources of finance
  • Will market dominance by local players continue? Why do they regularly outbid internationals?
  • Are prices sufficient to incentivize bidding in Renovar3?
  • Are we seeing a trend towards private off-takers? What is the future of corporate PPAs and how can they be included in the market?
  • Expectations surrounding RenovAR round 3: Will projects be tendered under the PPP framework?
Moderator: Raul Denegri, Director – Head of Brazil Agency & Trust Sales, Citi
Martín Genesio, President & CEO, AES Argentina Generación
Juan Bosch, President, SAESA
Rafael Valdez Mingramm, Managing Director of Latin America & the Caribbean, Envision Energy
Ing Rueben Turienzo, Director Comercial De Generación, Pampa Energia
Alejandro Lew, CEO, 360 Energy
Ricardo Lee, Associate Director, Project and Structured Finance, Canadian Solar Inc
Juan Carlos Blanco, Presidente, Edesur
3:00PM Strategies for funding social infrastructure development: Water, sanitation, hospitals, prisons
  • What are the administration’s ambitions for social infrastructure development and where are the investment opportunities?
  • What strategies are being employed to finance water and sanitation? What is the outlook for accessing funding from international capital markets?
  • Assessing the pipeline for hospitals and prisons:  What sources of repayment can be expected for these types of projects?
  • Key features of successful public-private alliances for social infrastructure development – what has worked abroad and what can be lessons can be applied to Argentina?
  • Comparison of various models for construction and operation of social infrastructure
Moderator: Carlota Real, Especialista De Agua De La Vicepresidencia De Desarrollo Social, CAF
Pablo Lopez, National Director Of Transport Projects, Ministry of Finance, Argentina
Ing. José Luis Inglese, President, AySA
Tomás Portela, Responsible For Water, Sanitation And Housing Ppps, Ministry of Finance, Argentina
3:45PM Afternoon refreshments and networking
4:15PM Transmission: Eliminating the bottlenecks in Argentina’s grid via PPPs
  • Looking towards the transmission projects to be tendered under the PPP framework, how commercially viable are the projects?
  • What is the appetite locally and internationally for transmission developments?
  • What will the impact of this expansion be on the energy dynamic in the country? How will it affect pricing?
  • Long-term outlook for Argentina’s electricity grid and project pipeline
Moderator: Ignacio Minorini Lima, Partner, Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi
Gabriel Flores, Director de Coordinación de Política Energética, Ministerio de Energía y Minería
Maria Sol Ivaszkow, Energy & Mining Ppps, Ministry of Finance, Argentina
Gonzalo Ranea, Head of Corporate and Project Finance, Exagon Partners
Joaquin Saborido, Gerente General, ArgenCobra
5:00PM Thermal Energy panel: Current market dynamics and outlook
  • Current market dynamics in the current energy climate
  • What are the main challenges facing thermal energy and what opportunities are available?
  • What is the outlook for future PPAs?
  • Assessing deal flow and structures
Moderator: Richard Townley, Southern Cone Correspondent for the Energy Sector, Americas, BNAmericas
Martin Mandarano, Ceo, YPF Energía Eléctrica S.A
Ricardo Fernandez Bernengo, Gerente Comercial, MSU Energy
5:40PM Analyzing rail initiatives: Which projects will be included in the PPP framework and how will they be structured?
  • Update on rail developments underway and due to be tendered, such as the Rocas Cargas rail link to Vaca Muerta
  • Understanding the new ‘open access’ system for Argentine rail
  • Which rail developments and expansions will be funded under the PPP framework?
  • What is the appetite of international investment for rail projects and what guarantees are they looking for?
  • To what degree will ECAs play a role in rail transport developments?
Tomas Darmandrail, Director Nacional De Coordinación Ejecutiva De Proyectos Ppp, Ministerio de Finanzas de la Nación
Lic. Rodrigo Lynch, Director Nacional de Ejecución de Obras, Ministerio de Transporte de la Nación
6:00PM Chairperson’s closing remarks followed by cocktail reception and close of conference