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Speaker Presentations

Day 1 0900 Dick Forsberg Fundamentals of the aircraft leasing industry

Dick Forsberg

Day 1 0950 Ian Clark Operating platforms for lessors

Ian Clark

Day 1 1030 Deirdre Clifford Risk management for lessors

Deirdre Clifford

Day 1 1210 Gavan Neary How do lessors choose a tax efficient jurisdiction

Gavan Neary

Day 1 1400 Greg Lo How do lessors finance their fleets

Greg Lo

Day 1 1400 Paul Ng Cape Town Convention

Paul Ng

Day 1 1520 Kiel Martin Artadi Garcia Asset based lender’s perspectives

Kiel Garcia

Day 1 1630 Thomas Kaplan Fundamentals of aircraft valuations

Thomas Kaplan

Day 1 1710 Michael Duff Financial analysis and evaluation of airlines

Michael Duff

Day 2 0850 Pierre Briens Introduction of course by course leader

Pierre Briens

Day 2 0920 Pierre Briens Managing the risks in aircraft financing

Pierre Briens

Day 2 1000 Vivien Guo A focus on commercial debt

Vivien Guo

Day 2 1100 Andy Lai Debt capital markets

Andy Lai

Day 2 1130 Ritin Sachdeva Derivatives for the aviation industry

Ritin Sachdeva

Day 2 1200 Kenji Maeda Japanese operating lease with call option

Kenji Maeda

Day 2 1540 Alison Chan Getting your mandate and term sheet right

Alison Chan

Day 2 1620 Wayne Green Distribution of aviation assets

Wayne Green

Day 2 1650 Arnaud Bouchet M&A and IPOs in the aviation sector

Arnaud Bouchet

Day 3 0910 Marjan Riggi Rating methodologies for airlines and lessors

Marjan Riggi

Day 3 0940 David Yu Fleet selection and financing considerations for airlines

David Yu

Day 3 1010 Understanding the engine as an asset class

Joseph O'Brien

Day 3 1040 Mark Western The use of SPVs in aircraft finance

Mark Western

Day 3 1130 Jim Tang Lease accounting under IFRS16

Jim Tang

Day 3 1210 John Timpany Taxation for aircraft leasing

John Timpany

Day 3 1450 John Frangos Dispute resolutions

John Frangos

Day 3 1410 Peter HuijberGetting your lease agreement and return conditions right

Peter Huijbers

Day 3 1550 York Schilling MROs perspectives

York Schilling