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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Tuesday, March 12, 2019

8:00AM Registration & morning refreshments
8:55AM Chairperson's opening remarks
9:00AM How strong are the fundamentals of Middle Eastern aviation?
  • What has the impact of expanding liquidity in aviation had on the Middle Eastern market?
  • How have asset values been shaped by increased competition in the leasing space?
  • How well positioned are Middle Eastern financiers to support growth in this sector?
Lynn Guiney, Head of EMEA, Avolon
9:30AM Will DAE Capital continue to tap the aircraft ABS market in 2019?
  • Given the successful issuance from DAE managed Kestrel 2019 1 Cayman & Kestral Aircraft Funding USA, what factors are attracting DAE to the ABS market?
  • Which structures are DAE looking towards to provide the greatest value as they continue to build their managed aircraft portfolio?
  • In light of receiving an investment grade corporate credit rating in 2018, can we expect more unsecured issuance in 2019?
Firoz Tarapore, Chief Executive Officer, Dubai Aerospace Enterprise (DAE) Ltd
9:50AM Questions still loom over the region's widebody backlog
  • Over half of the global blacklog for the A380 still resides in the Middle East, what is the future of this aircraft program?
  • With the first A380’s to come off lease being parted out, how much confidence do lessors in the region have in their ability to remarket this aircraft in the future?
  • Which financing structures make sense to fund these deals?
Rob Watts, CEO & Vice President Advisory, Aerotask
Marian Pistik, Head of Asset Management, International Airfinance Corporation
Michael O'Mahony, Senior Vice President - Marketing, GECAS
Sasha Yusufali, Vice President Marketing, Nordic Aviation Capital
Russ Hubbard, Director - Aircraft Remarketing, Air Partner
10:30AM Morning networking break & refreshments
11:00AM Emirates remain resilient amidst macro headwinds
11:30AM How important is Islamic Finance to the region's carriers & lessors?
  • With Natixis & Noordbank closing their recent aviation asset backed Sukuk with Abu Dhabi Global Markets, what role do we expect this bespoke financing to play in the region moving forward?
  • What impact can we expect to have increased capital from the Middle East to have on the wider aviation finance market?
  • Can we expect the amount of Islamic Finance deals to increase in the year to come?
Animesh Jain, Senior Vice President, Novus Aviation Capital
Ziad Zein, Chief Financial Officer, Palma Holdings Limited
Michael Nissyrios, Vice President Financing, Emirates Airlines
12:10PM Networking lunch
1:40PM Saudi Arabian airlines continue to evolve
  • Will we see the demand for widebody aircraft from Saudi airlines grow and how well positioned are they to take on extra capacity?
  • Which financing solutions have we seen being utilised in Saudi Arabia?
  • How strong is the appetite from Saudi financiers & investors for aviation?
Ismail Karimi, Chief Finance & Administration Officer, SaudiGulf Airlines
2:20PM How great is the appetite of local financiers for aviation paper and metal?
  • What needs to happen to bring more local financiers to the table?
  • What opportunities are there for financiers who wish to deploy capital into aviation outside of the ME3?
  • Which financing structures work in the Middle East and what innovations have we seen in this regard?
Munawar Z Noorani, Managing Director & Regional Head of Aviation for EMEA & APAC, Citi
Marc Bourgade, Chief Executive Officer, Flying Solutions
Kashif Raza, Head Of Capital Markets & Syndications, ADIB - Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank
3:00PM Afternoon networking break & refreshments
3:30PM Is airline consolidation necessary for Middle Eastern carriers in the long run?
  • At a meeting of the Arab Air Carriers Organisation AGM carriers put forward the view that airline consolidation will likely not happen in the next 5 years, but is this a good or bad thing for the industry?
  • What options do Middle Eastern carriers have in the face of chronic overcapacity and a more challenging macro environment?
  • How strongly positioned are the smaller Middle Eastern carriers?
David Bowden, Chief Financial Officer, Salam Air
4:10PM Airline closing keynote
4:50PM Chairperson's closing remarks
4:55PM Open drinks reception

Day 2: Wednesday, March 13, 2019

8:00AM Morning refreshments & networking
9:00AM Chairperson's opening remarks
9:05AM Oil pricing experiences turbulance
  • After enjoying a slow and steady climb for much of 2018 – oil prices have dropped nearly 27% since October 1st, what caused this shift?
  • Do we expect oil pricing to recover in 2019?
  • What impact has this had on Middle Eastern carriers?
Robert Kokonis, President & Managing Partner / Affiliate, ICF Aviation, AirTrav Inc.
9:35AM Developing new engine technology
  • What impact have engine delivery challenges had in the Middle East?
  • What innovations are engine OEMs providing in engine technology?
Christophe Poulain, Vice President Commercial Strategy, CFM International
9:55AM Is the region's airline performance a cause for concern for financiers?
  • With some of the ME3 announcing cut profits in the first half of 2019, what is the broad outlook for Middle Eastern airlines amongst the financial community?
  • What role can innovative financing solutions play in helping financiers deploy capital more effectively
  • How strong is the appetite to fund smaller Middle Eastern airlines outside of the ME3?
Angelina Valavina, Senior Director, Fitch Ratings
10:35AM Morning networking break & refreshments
11:15AM Opportunities & challenges in investing in the UAE
  • What differentiates the UAE from other financial centres in the Gulf?
  • Which regulatory measures should investors be aware of and how can they generate significant ROI?
  • How strong are the local finance markets & what challenges have issuers seen in this region?
Farrell Sheridan, Head of Strategic Development, Abu Dhabi Global Market
Shyamal Jeewoolall, Partner, Holman Fenwick Willan LLP
Laura Mueller, Managing Director, Airfinance Journal
11:45AM UAE helicopter leasing: A view after 25 years in the region
Dr Mark J Pierotti, Director, Abu Dhabi Aviation
12:30PM Networking lunch and end of conference