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Agenda Overview

Day 1: Thursday, March 28, 2019

8:00AM Registration & Breakfast Networking
9:00AM Welcome to OGF Amsterdam & Business Card Exchange Icebreaker
9:15AM Chair’s Opening Remarks
9:20AM INDUSTRY OVERVIEW: Market Overview and Forecast: Analysing the State of Play within Oil & Gas
  • Understand where the oil and gas industry is heading – is the optimism justified?
  • Is the philosophy of cost control continuing for E&Ps? How much will majors continue to sell off uncompetitive assets to fund further projects?
  • Is the current oil price the new normal or will the trend continue? Are pre-2014 levels a pipe dream or a probability?
  • What will be the key geographies to focus on for the upcoming year? 
Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy
9:45AM INDUSTRY OVERVIEW: Navigating the Energy Transition – How Far Are Traditional E&Ps Incorporating Green Energy as Part of Their Energy Portfolio?
  • Learn how E&Ps and contractors diversify into green energy: what level of integration is possible?
  • How much of a market share will E&Ps take in renewables for the future?
  • Learn how E&Ps will enter offshore wind market: what are their value protection strategies and optimal business models?
  • What new acquisitions by E&Ps are on the horizon? What is the state of play for E&Ps adapting their strategy to a more renewable focused strategy?
  • What role do governments and institutions have in collaborating with E&Ps to navigate the energy transition?
Kingsmill Bond, Lead Strategist, Carbon Tracker
Jarand Rystad, CEO, Rystad Energy
Jan Fredrik Stadaas, Corporate Strategy Manager, Equinor
10:30AM Networking Break
11:00AM PANEL: Separating Myth & Reality in Green Offshore Energy: How Much will Offshore Wind Affect the Energy Ecosystem?
  • What is the overall appetite for financiers for green offshore energy? What are the exposure rates banks are experiencing compared to traditional offshore oil & gas? 
  • Determine the impact green offshore energy will have on oil & gas – what is the overall competitiveness?
  • Are the risks aligned with the returns?
Erik Rijkers, Director Market Development & Strategy, Quest Floating Wind Energy
Mathias Verkest, CEO, SeaMade
Balazs Bodoni, Offshore Wing Energy Finance, Northland Power
11:45AM PANEL: Navigating the Energy Transition – Assessing Risk & Reward within a Zero-Subsidy Market
  • What are the implications of moving to a zero subsidy market and how can investors and operators assess the risk and reward?
  • Who are the main players and what is the growth of the market?
  • What is the role of banks, private equity and investors and how will they shape the future of green offshore financing?
  • Understand what are the implications of emerging markets – which regions require more risk profiling?
  • Where is the bond market currently and where will they be placed in the event of an upswing? Where will the bond market features in the future?
  • What protection mechanisms are available within subsidy free markets?
Moderator: Mark Leybourne, Associate Director, ITPEnergised
Uwe Knickrehm, Managing Director, Bundesverband Windenergie Offshore Betreiber
John Dalton, President, Power Advisory LLC
Vladimir Nicolaas, Head of Offshore Growth, Innogy Renewables UK Limited
12:30PM Lunch in the Exhibition Area
1:30PM EDP Renewables Case Study: Floating Wind - Exploring How Far Innovations in Floating Wind Provide a Reliable Revenue Stream
  • Analysing new the effectiveness of new technology and how much they decrease the costs of production
  • What is the reliability and maintenance of these new technologies? What risk factors need to be considered?
  • What are the returns? What are the scalability and CAPEX requirements for offshore wind and where is the trend heading?
  • Learn the successes so far within cost reduction of offshore to understand the bankability of offshore wind


Pablo Lucas, Project Finance Manager, EDP Renewables
2:15PM PANEL: Where Will Capital Come From? Analysing Volatility, Risk Appetite and Capital Requirements within Offshore Energy to Enable Viable Investment Channels
  • What have been the effects of the CFO’s balance sheet since the downturn? How much debt exposure is the industry experiencing?
  • How many companies are converting to equity? Is this a trend poised to continue?
  • Structured royalty products, what new models exist?
  • Understanding the variety of sources of capital available, what are the requirements and the costs involved?
  • Is there a preference for oil currently or is the market preference shifting towards gas and renewables?
  • What geographic locations will be easier to acquire capital and what does the structuring look like?
Jan Boekelman, Director, Finance, EBN B.V.
Greg O'Brien, CFO, Shelf Drilling
Mark Hodgkinson, Group Treasurer, Subsea 7
Paul Hennemeyer, Former Managing Director, GE Capital
Erwin Nederkoorn, Managing Director, ING Wholesale Banking
2:50PM INTERACTIVE PANEL: Update and Outlook on FPSO Finance: What are the liquidity requirements and finance models for FPSOs?
  • Update on the FPSO Finance market: what are the different finance avenues currently used by contractors?
  • Outlook: Will there be sufficient liquidity to support upcoming projects?
  • What are the options to finance vessels chartered to smaller counterparties, in particular for redeployed assets?
Arjan Van Der Laan, Vice President Finance, Bluewater Energy Services B.V.
Kristian Flaten, Director, Caprock AS
Anders Platou, Head of Corporate Finance, BW Offshore
Pierre Carassus, Director, SGCIB
David Boggs, Founder & Managing Director, Energy Maritime Associates Pte Ltd
3:35PM Afternoon Coffee Break
4:05PM Champagne End of Day Region Roundtable Breakout Discussion: What Are The Opportunities and Challenges Across Global Offshore Finance?
  • Determining the opportunities and challenges in:
    • Americas
    • Africa
    • Europe
    • Far East Asia
  • What are the projects taking place and what investment is to be likely?
  • Experience sharing in the market: What pitfalls were mitigated and what regulations are to be anticipated?
  • What level of government support was experienced in these regions?
  • How much risk is acceptable? Determine risk approaches for standardising risk and compare models
  • What supply chain issues can potentially arise and how much does that contribute to the risk profile of certain regions?
5:30PM Chair’s Closing Remarks
5:35PM Drinks Reception

Day 2: Friday, March 29, 2019

9:15AM Chair’s Opening Remarks
David Boggs, Founder & Managing Director, Energy Maritime Associates Pte Ltd
9:20AM PANEL: Determining Investment Strategies – How much of a Presence will Private Equity Have In The Future
  • How much more present are private equity in the market? What assets are being changed, what are the new consolidations?
  • Understand how private equity sees the pricing structures, has the mind set changed since the pre-2014 days? What is the risk appetite?
  • How much priority will private equity give towards green energy vs. traditional oil and gas?
David Baumgartner, Managing Director, Kerogen Ventures
Christian Synetos, Vice President, BlackRock
Peter Petrov, Director, Bridgepoint Capital
10:05AM INTERACTIVE PANEL: LNG Market Outlook – Exploring Projects in the Pipeline and the Hottest Regions for LNG
  • Where are the hottest regions in LNG? Addressing the opportunities in
    • South East Asia (China, Philippines)
    • Eastern Africa
    • The Americas
  • What are the energy company’s view? How are they meeting growing demand and establishing the infrastructure to meet the needs across LNG value chain?
  • What is the market forecast for 5 years? What is to be anticipated?
  • Is the transition to gas markets sustainable? Is this a short term realisation or is this part of a longer term trend? How much will eco-friendliness factor into decision making?
Moderator: Kristian Flaten, Director, Caprock AS
Tor-Ivar Guttulsrod, Director FRSU & FLNG, American Bureau of Shipping
Peter Mackey, Former Managing Director, GE
Thomas Bobrie, Vice Preisdent - LNG Shipping & Offshore Finance, Societe Generale
Jordan Strik, Strategic Planning, SBM Offshore
10:50AM Morning Refreshment Break
11:20AM INTERVIEW: Identifying Opportunities and Establishing Optimal Models for Lending in FLNG Projects
  • What are the current live projects and what are the new projects in the pipeline?
  • Will FLNG projects require taking equity? What will the offtake arrangements look like?
  • Understand how to get the buy in for longer term financing – what is the appetite for taking these type of deals and what is the state of long term purchase agreements?
  • What been the lessons learnt so far and what level of similarity has been experienced between FPSO financing and FLNG?
  • Learn what the new model of financing is – is there an optimal model for financing FLNG?
  • Is there a standardization of addressing risks? Understand how these risks can be mitigate and develop a template of establishing and dealing with FLNG project finance risk
Moderator: David Boggs, Founder & Managing Director, Energy Maritime Associates Pte Ltd
11:40AM INTERACTIVE PANEL: Plugging the Value Gaps in Decommissioning – How Does the Industry Mitigate Weak Capitalisation and Economise Decom?
  • What are the regulations that will economise decommissioning? What is the level of government support for decommissioning projects?
  • What are the tax changes and how will this have an impact on the fiscal equation
  • What deals have worked so far and what level of divestment is taking place?
  • What is the level of complexity of the deals taken place and who is liable from a contract point of view? Who holds liability after a deal has been struck?
  • How do sellers gain confidence to fulfil security after 20 years? How can credit be best verified and what are the best practices for minimising weak capitalisation?
  • What legalisation is in the pipeline to provide tax reliefs?
  • Will the increase of oil price lead to more M&As in the next five years?
Anthony Fievez, Business Development Manager, Heerema Marine Contractors
David Boggs, Founder & Managing Director, Energy Maritime Associates Pte Ltd
Ian Fozdar, Decommissioning Manager UK, UK Oil & Gas Authority
12:25PM Chair’s Closing Remarks
12:30PM Closing Networking Lunch